Picky Eaters

“Come on, doesn’t this look yummy?” It was a mixture of vegetables. He covered his nose and mouth, making it clear that he didn’t agree with Mommy that the yucky orange thing she was holding out to him on the spoon was edible.   “Just try one spoonful, Carson” she begged. Carson shook his head. She … More Picky Eaters

Women And Infertility

I was watching General Hospital and one of the characters received the news that she could not have children.  Any child she carried would not be carried to full term.  She would lose the baby.  What heartbreaking news.  It hurts to see women who want to be mothers and who would be great mothers unable … More Women And Infertility

Hungry For Change

I got the following email telling me about a film titled, Hungry For Change.  I haven’t watched it as yet but plan to sometime tonight.  I encourage you to watch it with your families and friends. We all want more energy and healthy bodies. So what’s stopping us from getting there? From the creators of … More Hungry For Change