She’s my friendly enemy.  She has a way of acting gracious whenever she invites me to one of her soirees but at the same time, making me feel unwelcome.  What have I done to this woman, I often ask myself but am clueless.  Was it to do with culture or race?  Or do I just… Read More Clueless

You Matter

All my life I saw myself the way others did.  I was insignificant.  I didn’t matter.  I was unloved.  I was neglected, ignored, mistreated and devalued.  Why?  I was a girl.  In some cultures, being a girl was an undesirable thing.  People didn’t want daughters.  They wanted sons.  My parents were no different.  When I… Read More You Matter

A Familiar Face

After losing her fiance, Boris in a horrific car accident, Claire packed up and left Montreal and moved to Paris when her company opened a new office there.  It took a while but she soon settled into her new life and immersed herself in the Parisian culture.  On the weekends, she went sightseeing and to… Read More A Familiar Face