Off to Nairobi

As he sat there, waiting to board his flight to Nairobi, Kenya, he could still hear his mother demanding for the umpteenth time, “Why do you have to go there?” “My company is sending me there, Ma.” “Why Africa? Why not America or Canada or England?” “They need me in Nairobi. Besides, I’ve always wanted… Read More Off to Nairobi


“I heard you just wrote a book.” “Yes. Two Hands are All I’ve Got.” “What do you know about fighting in war, Mister, seeing that you hid behind your religion when the time came for you to defend your country?” “I know more about war than you think, young man.” “I doubt that. Have you… Read More War


Why was he being so obdurate about something so important?  “Don’t you think that it’s time things changed in this country?” I demanded.  “Shouldn’t racism be everyone’s problem and not just theirs?” “You think looting and burning police cars, precincts and churches is going to help the cause?” “Agitators were the culprits not protesters.” “Those… Read More Perspective

The Unlikely Spy

There were other reasons, too. Seventy-five percent of Jews survived in France. And so many non-Jews risked their lives to save ours. Wasn’t that our duty to defend our country too? It was our duty, absolutely – Marthe Cohn Born a French Jew in Metz, France on 13 April 1920, Marthe Hoffnung never once imagined… Read More The Unlikely Spy