The Letter

Whew! That was close. She’d succeeded in shaking them–at least for now. The castle loomed ahead. She had to get there. Her uncle’s dying words were, “Take…the…envelope…to…Sir Neville Langdon. He’ll be at the…castle.” The letter was a matter of national security. If it fell into the wrong hands… The knock on her window startled her.… Read More The Letter

His Best Mechanic

“We’ll have your car ready by five,” Mr. Brown promised.  “She’s a beaut.”  His gaze ran admiringly over the sleek Bentley. “Thanks.  I’ve had her for ten years.  It’s my first time bringing her in for service.” “She’s in good hands.” “I’ll be back at five.” “Wow.  She’s purring like a cat.  Thank you, Sir.”… Read More His Best Mechanic

The Shortcut

  She didn’t like walking through the woods but it was a shortcut.  The trees stood tall and eerily silent.  It was creepy here in the daytime.  She hated to imagine what it must be like at night. As she went, the twigs cracking beneath her feet, she spotted a car on her right.  Its… Read More The Shortcut


He sat in the unmarked car, watching and waiting.  He suspected that she was cheating on him.  Tonight his shift ended early so he drove over.  A red corvette was parked outside.  Last night it was a Fiat.  An hour later, he saw the guy leave.  He turned to open his car door, when he… Read More Busted