Back From Hollywood and the Breakup

“Are you busy?” “No, why?” “Have dinner with me. There’s this great Mediterranean restaurant about half hour from here.” “Stuart, are you sure that’s a good idea?” “Why wouldn’t it be?” “Natalia.” “We broke up.” She gawked at him. “What?” “She dumped me because she was convinced that I was cheating on her. It wasn’t… Read More Back From Hollywood and the Breakup

The Lapel

“The interview will commence in ten minutes so you need to go over there and fix his lapel.”  Rhea was mortified.  “I can’t,” she protested. “Don’t be silly,” Angela snapped.  “You’re responsible for making sure that the guests look good in front of the camera.  Now get over there and fix the lapel or you… Read More The Lapel