Do Nothing?

“As a sentient being, I find it extremely difficult to understand how a mother can treat her daughter so atrociously.” “It’s none of our business, Virginia.” “Mother, put yourself in that girl’s shoes.  How would you feel if grandmother treated you like that?” “There’s nothing we can do about it.” “So, we just keep silent… Read More Do Nothing?

What Gives?

His behavior continued to perplex her.  Why was he acting as if he didn’t want to be around her?  This had been going on for weeks now.  What changed?  She had to find out. She marched over to his desk.  “We need to talk.” “Now?” “Yes.” “Fine.” They went somewhere private.  “Why are you acting… Read More What Gives?


I stood before the shed where they found my friend, Danny. We used to hang out every day, daydreaming about how we were going to change the world.  He wanted to be a lawyer for the poor and disadvantaged while I dreamed of being a social worker. Danny was more than a friend to me. … Read More Danny