Expectant News

  “Where’s Gary?” Maddie asked Karla. “He’s in the shed hammering away on his laptop.” Maddie looked surprised.  “Why the shed and not the study?” Karla shrugged.  “Who knows?  He’s been acting strange lately.” “Have you told him yet?” “That we’re going to have another baby?  No.” “Why not?” “We had agreed that after our … More Expectant News

Abandoned and Rescued

Retired officer Patrick Miller was sweeping his yard when he thought he heard what sounded like a baby crying.  He stopped and listened.  It was a baby crying and the sound was coming from the green dumpster.  Dropping the broom, he rushed over and threw open the top to peer inside.  The naked infant was … More Abandoned and Rescued

Rough to Romantic

Brie leaned her head against the back of the sofa. The soft cushions were soothing against her tired body.  It had been a long and very exhausting day. Jasmine was especially cranky today because she was teething.   Nothing she did seemed to work.  Desperate, Brie had searched the Internet for teething tips and tried … More Rough to Romantic

A Love Meant to Be

Serena stood there on the Staten Island Ferry, watching the choppy, frigid waters, her emotions churning inside her.  She leaned against the rail and wrapped her arms about her.  I’m pregnant.  She found out that morning when she went to a walk-in clinic.  After leaving there, she decided to come on the ferry ride to … More A Love Meant to Be

Bundles of Joy

For with God nothing will be impossible – Luke 1:37 As she sat by the window, looking out, she recalled those turbulent years when Mark and she were trying in vain to have children.  They have been married for twelve years.  They met through a mutual friend and it was love at first sight.  They dated for a … More Bundles of Joy

The Orphan

“What’s the matter, Honey?” Ralph Forrester asked six year old Janet as she lay there in bed, crying.  He was there to read to read her a bedtime story as usual and was surprised to find her in her present state.  When he sat down on the bed, she sat up and hugged him.  He … More The Orphan

Happy News

It was late by the time Abigail got home and she was tired.  Gingerly, she opened the front door went inside.  The light in the foyer was on.  Noah must have left it on for her.  It’s a good thing she had grabbed something to eat.  She wasn’t hungry and could go straight to bed.  … More Happy News