Happier Days

It was late summer and for their second date, he took her to the street food festival.  Holding hands, they squeezed through the crowd.  “Lana, what would you like to try?” “The Greek Jewish food.” They barely finished eating the food when it began to rain.  Fortunately, he lived close by.  As soon as they… Read More Happier Days


He was a rich and successful man. Those who knew him described him as “diligent and debatable.” He was hard-working, industrious, meticulous, contentious and controversial. He butted heads with lots of people. He was always engaged in a battle of wits and more times than not, he emerged the victor. He was an ambitious man… Read More Melody

The Assistant

I’m on my way back to the office with Mr. Morales’ lunch which I grabbed after dropping his shirts off at the laundry.  I’m his assistant, fresh out of university.  He’s the producer of the series, Savage Seeds.  We got along very well.  I greatly admired and respected him until last night.  We were working… Read More The Assistant

The Lapel

“The interview will commence in ten minutes so you need to go over there and fix his lapel.”  Rhea was mortified.  “I can’t,” she protested. “Don’t be silly,” Angela snapped.  “You’re responsible for making sure that the guests look good in front of the camera.  Now get over there and fix the lapel or you… Read More The Lapel