Wishful Thinking

After reading the novel, Rebecca, I’ve always imagined meeting a handsome widower like Maxim de Winter who would sweep me off my feet.  Then, I’d chide myself for having such foolish thoughts.  I gaze across the river at the Statue of Liberty.  I was 9 when my family and I came to America from Liberia. … Read More Wishful Thinking

Why Kenya?

“Albert, this place is like a zoo,” Chi said. “That’s why the wife didn’t come.” “By the way, how’s she doing since Jason moved to Kenya?” Albert sighed. “Not good. She’s still upset that he moved there instead of to America, Canada or England.” “Why Kenya of all places?” “He always wanted to visit Africa… Read More Why Kenya?

Off to Nairobi

As he sat there, waiting to board his flight to Nairobi, Kenya, he could still hear his mother demanding for the umpteenth time, “Why do you have to go there?” “My company is sending me there, Ma.” “Why Africa? Why not America or Canada or England?” “They need me in Nairobi. Besides, I’ve always wanted… Read More Off to Nairobi