A Close Call

It was a cold day in April and he was in the café, warming himself with a hot chocolate.  He was there because he could not get a moment’s peace at home.  His wife nagged him about fixing the fence and his kids kept asking him when he was going to take them to the amusement… Read More A Close Call

The Letter

He stared at the letter from Gracelyn.  She wanted him to visit her in prison but how could he?  She murdered two people.  It would have been three people if he hadn’t found Monifa in time.  He grew pale. It was his fault that Father Schmidt and Sister Augustin were dead.  They would still be… Read More The Letter

No Future Here

“No, James.  We can never see each other again.” “Never?” The thought was unbearable. “No!  God saved your life so that you could return to your family.” “When I was hit and thought that I was going to die, I saw your face, Maddie and I hung on.  I’m alive because of you.” “James, there’s… Read More No Future Here