No Good

She stood at the window. Asriel was still standing there and looking up. He had left about eight minutes ago. What was he waiting for? she wondered anxiously. Did he suspect something? The doorbell rang and she almost jumped out of her skin. Panicking, she ran to the foyer and after peering through the keyhole,… Read More No Good

You Matter

All my life I saw myself the way others did.  I was insignificant.  I didn’t matter.  I was unloved.  I was neglected, ignored, mistreated and devalued.  Why?  I was a girl.  In some cultures, being a girl was an undesirable thing.  People didn’t want daughters.  They wanted sons.  My parents were no different.  When I… Read More You Matter

Blind Justice

It’s every man’s business to see justice done – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle There are organizations like Equality Now, Women For Women International and V-Day, which are dedicated to protecting the rights of women all over the world.   But long before these much needed organizations existed, there was already a human rights activist who walked… Read More Blind Justice