Chosen to Go

In the early morning glow, her face looked pale as she returned her son’s gaze.  “Do you really have to go, Hank?” she asked.  He’d just told her that he was moving to Cotonou. “Yes, Mother.  The church there needs a pastor and I was chosen.” “But Benin’s so far away.  You’ll be leaving everyone… Read More Chosen to Go


Keturah was Abraham’s wife after Sarah died. Her name means “incense”. We don’t know much about her except that she bore him six sons. Their names were Zimran “musician”, Jokshan “snarer”, Medan “contention”, Midian “strife”, Ishbak “he releases”and Shuah “wealth.” From Midian came the Midianites or Arabians, including Zipporah, Moses’ wife. In 1 Chronicles 1:32,… Read More Keturah