SITUATION:  There was a man named Zacharias and his wife, Elizabeth who was an ancestor of Moses’ brother, Aaron.  The couple were righteous before God in that they were blameless when it came to obedience to all the commandments and ordinances.   However, they were childless and both were well advanced in years.


  1. What happened to Zacharias when he went into the temple to serve as priest before God?  (Read Luke 1:11, 12)
  2. What was the angel’s message? (Read Luke 1:13-17)
  3. What was Zacharias’ response?  (Read Luke 1:18)
  4. What was the result of his response? (Read Luke 1:19, 20)
  5. What conclusion did the people come to when they saw Zacharias after he left the temple? (Read Luke 1:22)
  6. What happened to Elizabeth after Gabriel’s appearance to Zacharias? (Luke 1:24)  And what was her response? (verses 24b, 25)
  7. Who visited Elizabeth and what two incredible things occurred as a result of this visit?  (Read Luke 1:39-41)
  8. What did Elizabeth say to Mary? (Read Luke 1:42-45)
  9. What was the reaction of the people when Elizabeth gave birth to her son? (Read Luke 1:58)
  10. What did Elizabeth say when the time came for the child to be named?  And what was the response of those with her? (Read Luke 1:59-61)
  11. What happened when they asked Zacharias what the child was to be called? (Read Luke 1:62-66)
  12. Through the power of the Holy Spirit who filled him, Zacharias prophesied about two main things–what are they?  (Read Luke 1:68-79)
  13. What was said about about John before he began his ministry? (Read Luke 1:80)


Elizabeth was past the age when she could bear children yet we learn that with God nothing is impossible.  It was His plan for her to have a son, named John who would be the forerunner of His Son, Jesus, the Messiah.  Elizabeth believed in the angel’s message and praised God for blessing her with a child in her old age.  She demonstrated her faith in Him by insisting that her son shall be named John.


  1. Why is it important to realize that even though God hears our prayers, He doesn’t answer them right away?
  2. Why is it important not to lean on our own understanding and just trust that God can do what seems humanly impossible?
  3. Zacharias means “remembered of Jehovah” and John means “Jehovah is a gracious giver”  How do the meanings of these two names explain why the child was not to be named after his father as was the custom?
  4. Read Luke 1:80.  What was the significance of John being in the wilderness before he began his ministry? Read Luke 3:1-6.