With One Stroke

My name is Lyda Newman and I was born in Ohio.  I’m an African-American woman, inventor, women’s rights activist and a hairdresser.  One day, I thought to myself, why don’t you invent a hairbrush?  The current ones were made of boar’s hair.  I wanted the process of brushing hair to be more hygienic and efficient.… Read More With One Stroke

Devoted Service

Although the appointment was temporary, Katherine Battle Gordy made history when she became the first woman to be U.S. Marshal.  Her entire career was with the Marshals Service where for 16 years, she served as a Deputy U.S. Marshal. 39 Words Source: U.S. Marshals Service

A Great Project

Sally Henshaw and her grade 5 students decided to undertake a big project this year.  They were going to create a large quilt for Women’s History Month.  It would feature 30 influential women.  Sally thought it best to use hexagons because they were strong, symmetrical and tessellate perfectly.  The finished quilt was proudly displayed in… Read More A Great Project