Flowers From Larry

“I would like those flowers, please.” “Sure. What’s the occasion?” “My brother’s funeral.” “Very sorry to hear that. What happened?” “He was found shot outside of his house.” “Oh, no. How horrible for his family. Does the police have any suspects?” “There aren’t any suspects. It was suicide.” “Suicide?” “Yes. He couldn’t live with what… Read More Flowers From Larry


“Carla, why do you keep going to the window?  Are you expecting someone?” “Yes.  Bobby.” “Bobby?  You mean the guy you’re supposed to be dating but who hasn’t been around to see you lately?” “Maybe he’s busy.” “Busy doing what?” “What do you have against him, Sophia?” “Nothing but I’m concerned that he doesn’t intend… Read More Bobby

Aunt Margery’s Visitor

Margery stood at the top of the stairs, still reeling from Antonia’s visit.  She shuddered as she remembered her adopted niece’s eyes as she cried, “You’re ruining my chances with Laird.” “Laird’s your brother—“ “Adoptive brother.” “He doesn’t love you, Antonia—“ “Because you’ve been telling him horrible things about me.” “Antonia—“ “You’ll be sorry.” Margery’s… Read More Aunt Margery’s Visitor

Poor Judgment

This was the neighborhood of Jim Rocco, the bright kid raised by a single mother.  He was her pride and joy.  “My Jimmy’s gonna to be a big-time lawyer,” she used to say. Jim did become a lawyer and eventually, a Supreme Court judge.  Then, a provocative article appeared in the Times, accusing him of… Read More Poor Judgment

A Close Call

It was a cold day in April and he was in the café, warming himself with a hot chocolate.  He was there because he could not get a moment’s peace at home.  His wife nagged him about fixing the fence and his kids kept asking him when he was going to take them to the amusement… Read More A Close Call