The Last Festival

As she stared at the damaged greenhouse she was transported back to last year’s beer festival, an annual open-air jamboree with live music. People from all over the state and even overseas flocked like birds every year.  She hated going. While everyone else was having a good time, she suffered in the sweltering heat because she had… Read More The Last Festival

Battered Women

Battered Women’s Support Services (BWSS) is an organization dedicated to freeing and liberating women from violence and empowering the community through training and education programs. The organization has been providing counseling and healing spaces for victims of abuse for over 35 years and helping women to be strong and resilient through advocacy, law reform and… Read More Battered Women


The broken leg was the last straw.  She had to leave him.  It got tiresome lying about her injuries and having people believe that she was accident-prone.  In the beginning of their marriage, things were fine between them.  He was loving and attentive.  Then, he was laid-off because of the Coronavirus.  Started to drink and… Read More Enough