SITUATION:  Abraham is old and before he dies, he wants his son, Isaac to get married.  He doesn’t want Isaac to marry a Canaanite woman so he arranges for his eldest and most trusted servant to go Mesopotamia, his old country and find a wife there among his family. The servant sets off for Mesopotamia.


  1. When the servant arrived at Mesopotamia, where did he go and why that particular place? (verse 11)
  2. What did the servant pray for? (verses 12-14)
  3. What happened as he was praying? (verse 15)
  4. What did the servant observe about Rebekah? (verse 16)
  5. What did the servant ask Rebekah for? (verse 17)
  6. What extra thing did Rebekah do? (verse 19)
  7. What did the servant give Rebekah? (verse 22)
  8. What did he ask her? (verse 23)
  9. When the servant found out who Rebekah was, what did he do? (verses 26, 27)
  10. What was Rebekah’s response? (verse 28)
  11. When food was set before the servant why did he refuse to eat? (verse 33)
  12. After the servant told his amazing story, what did Rebekah’s father and brother say? (verses 50, 51)
  13. What was the servant’s response to their words? (verses 52-54)
  14. What request did the servant turn down? (verse 55).  What was his reason? (verse 56)
  15. What did Rebekah’s family ask her and what was her response? (verse 58)
  16. What blessing did Rebekah receive? (verse 60)
  17. What did Rebekah do when she saw Isaac? (verses 64, 65)
  18. What happened when Isaac brought Rebekah to his mother’s tent? (verse 67)


Rebekah was a kind and generous woman.  She took care of Abraham’s servant and his camels, a sign that she would be a good and loving wife to Isaac.  She met all of the requirements the servant of looking for.  She was a blood relative of Abraham’s, a virgin, a woman of faith and a humble and generous spirit.  She brought comfort to Isaac who had lost his mother.  She was an example of the kind of woman Peter commended in 1 Peter 3:3,4. She was clearly God’s choice for Isaac’s wife and the servant sealed the betrothal with gifts (Genesis 24:53).


  1. Why was it important that the wife chosen for Isaac be among Abraham’s family and not among the Canaanites? See Deuteronomy 7:3, 4
  2. Why was Rebekah considered a good wife for Isaac?  (Genesis 24:67; Proverbs 18:22)