SITUATION:  The children of Israel had done evil in God’s sight and as a result, they were handed over to Jabin, the Canaanite king who oppressed them for twenty years.  They cried out to God and he heard them.  Through Deborah, God revealed how He planned to deliver His people from their enemies.


  1. Who was Deborah? (Judges 4:4)
  2. What was her job? (verse 5)
  3. What message did she give Barak (verses 6,7)
  4. What was Barak’s response? (verse 8)
  5. What was the result? (verse 9)
  6. What words of encouragement did Deborah give Barak? (verse 14)
  7. What did the Lord do? (verse 15)
  8. What do we learn about Deborah in her song (Judges 5:6-9)
  9. What happened after the battle against the Canaanites ended? (verse 31)


Deborah was a prophetess and a wife.  She was the first and only woman to judge Israel.  She was a woman of authority, great faith and courage.  She inspired confidence in the people.  She led Barak into battle and God gave them victory. Under her the land of Israel enjoyed rest for forty years.


  1. What qualities did Deborah have that made God choose her to lead His people?
  2. Barak didn’t want to go up against Sisera unless Deborah went with him and as result, his glory went to another–a woman.  Why is it important that we depend on the Lord completely and not on people, no matter who they are?  See Psalm 118:8