Canaanite Woman

SCRIPTURE READING:  Matthew 15:21-28

SITUATION:  A Canaanite woman goes to Jesus on behalf of her daughter who is demon possessed.


  1. Where was Jesus when the Canaanite woman went to Him? (verse 21)
  2. What does the woman say to Jesus and what title does she give Him? (verse 22)
  3. What is Jesus’ first response to this mother’s desperate plea? (verse 23)
  4. What did the disciples urge Jesus to do? (verse 23)
  5. What was Jesus’ second response to the woman and what did she do? (verses 24, 25)
  6. What was Jesus’ third response and what was hers? (verses 26, 27)
  7. What was Jesus’ response to her faith? (verse 28)


Here was a mother who knew that Jesus, the Son of David was in town.  She had to see Him.  Only He could help her demon possessed daughter.  She was a Gentile and well aware of how Jews viewed Gentiles but she didn’t let this prejudice prevent her from seeking the One who could help her.  She went to Him and cried out to Him.  At first He didn’t answer her but that didn’t faze her in the least.  She was determined to get His attention and this annoyed the disciples who wanted Him to send her away.  Twice Jesus said things to her that would have discouraged anyone but not this mother.  She went to Him and worshipped Him as she pleaded again for Him to help her.  She refused to give up.  She persisted until she got her way and as a result her daughter was healed.  This is the kind of faith Jesus was talking about in Luke 11:9.  This story encourages us to keep the faith–to keep asking, seeking and knocking.  Even when it seems like God is not answering or that our cries are falling on deaf ears, we continue praying.  This woman continued praying until she got the answer she was seeking.  It is during those times of silence, that our faith is strengthened as this woman’s was.  In her exchange with Jesus, her faith became bolder instead of weaker.  We continue to seek God in prayer because we believe that He can help us.  And God will always respond to such strong and unwavering faith just as Jesus did to this woman’s.


  1. Why do you think Jesus didn’t answer the woman the first time she cried out to Him?
  2. What can you learn from this Gentile woman who refused to give up in spite of the obstacles she faced?
  3. What does this story teach us about the impact our faith can have on others?
  4. How does this woman’s love for her daughter reflect the love of God toward us?