SITUATION:  Abigail is the wife of a man named Nabal.  Nabal lived in Maon but had business in Carmel.  He was very rich.  He owned three thousand sheep and a thousand goats.  Abigail was a beautiful woman with good understanding but Nabal was harsh and evil in all of his doings.  When David heard that Nabal was in Carmel shearing his sheep, he sent his men with a message.


  1. What message did David give to his men to take to Nabal? (1 Samuel 25:4-8)
  2. What was Nabal’s response? (Verses 10, 11)
  3. What was David’s reaction when his men told him what Nabal said? (Verses 12, 13)
  4. How did Abigail find out about what had happened? (Verses 14-17)
  5. What did Abigail do? (Verses 18, 19)
  6. What was David’s plan for Nabal and all that belonged to him? (Verses 20-22)
  7. What did Abigail do when she saw David?  What did she say to him? (Verses 23-31)
  8. What was David’s response to Abigail’s actions and words? (Verses 32-35)
  9. When did Abigail decide to tell Nabal what had happened?  What was his reaction?  (Verses 36, 37)
  10. What happened to Nabal? And what was David’s reaction? (Verses 38, 39)
  11. What became of Abigail? (Verses 39, 40)
  12. What was Abigail’s response to David’s message? (Verses 41, 42)


Abigail, in her wisdom and understanding went to meet David to appease him and avert a war brought about by the foolish actions of her husband.  Her quick thinking and actions saved the males who would have perished at the hands of David and his men because of her husband’s foolish actions.  She had succeeded in turning away the harm that was determined against Nabal and his entire household.


  1. Why is it so important to have good understanding?  How did it help Abigail to avert destruction upon her household?
  2. Why didn’t Abigail tell Nabal that she was planning to meet David?
  3. David saw God’s intervention through Abigail’s actions.  Was this God’s way of preventing the innocent from perishing because of the actions of one foolish man?
  4. Nabal died from shock when he realized that his foolish actions would have cost him his life.  What does his story teach us about the importance of using wisdom and understanding when dealing with others?


Abigail and King David