Love, Marriage & Greek Women

It was a beautiful, crisp day and Thaddaus was feeling great because for the first time in his life, he was in love. Yes, he was in love with Ms. Sambu. He reckoned that he had been for a long time, even before they became lovers.

He suspected that she was in love with him too. He could tell from the way she looked at him and from the way she touched him whenever they were in bed. She was like a wildcat under the sheets. He smiled at the thought. It was like she was a different person–not at all the shy, demure young woman.

Her music lessons had ended but now he was teaching her how to ride a horse. Every Sunday, they would go riding and she had grown to love it. Sometimes, they would find a nice spot where they let the horses graze while they sat underneath a tree or lay on the grass and talked or made love. Sometimes, they would have a picnic.

However, now that the weather was cold, they left the horses to graze while they went for walks. They made love when they returned to the house. Ms. Sambu spent the entire afternoon and then, he took her home. Saturday evenings, they had dinner either at the house or at a restaurant. During the week, they telephoned each other and spent hours talking.

He wanted her to move in with him but he knew that she wouldn’t go for that. The house seemed to come alive when she was there and felt empty when she wasn’t. He lay in bed at nights, wishing that she was lying next to him. Since living together was out of the question, the next best thing was to marry her. Marriage. It was something he had never considered. He had enjoyed being a bachelor, coming and going as he pleased and not being tied down to one woman but now that had all changed because of Ms. Sambu. He longer felt that marriage wasn’t for him.

He would sleep on it, of course, but the more he thought about it, the more he believed that marrying Ms. Sambu would be the best decision he had ever made in his life and hopefully, she would feel the same way about marrying him. Of course, he would wait to propose until after she graduated from university which would be in June. And, they had to meet each other’s family first. Speaking of family, he just remembered that he was supposed to be having dinner with his parents on Saturday evening.

He took his cell out of his pocket and called his parents’ house. Dorthea, the housekeeper answered. After he exchanged pleasantries with her, he asked to speak to his mother.

“Hello, Thaddaus,” his mother’s shrill voice greeted him in Greek.

“Hello, Mother.”

“I hope you’re not calling to say that you can’t come for dinner on Saturday. Your father and I will be terribly disappointed if you don’t”

“Don’t worry, Mother, I’ll be there.”


“And I’ll be bringing someone, if that’s okay with you.”

“You mean a date?”

“Actually, she’s my girlfriend.”

“You have a girlfriend? Why didn’t you mention this to me the last time we spoke?”

“We’ve only recently begun dating.”

“Who is this young woman you’re dating whom your father and I haven’t met?”

“Her name is Mariama Sambu. She’s a student at Boston University. She’ll be graduating in June.”

“She doesn’t sound Greek.”

“That’s because she isn’t, Mother.”

“What’s wrong with Greek women?”

“Nothing is wrong with them.”

“Then, why aren’t you dating one?”

“I’m not dating a Greek woman or any other woman for that matter because I’m dating Mariama.”

“Where’s she from?”


“So, she’s African.”


“You’re Greek and you’re dating an African. What about your cousins Demetrius, Cosmo and Stavros? They’re all dating Greek woman. Demetrius is getting married to his girlfriend in September.”

“They’re dating whom they want to date and I’m dating whom I want to date. Now, let’s not debate over this any more. I’d like to bring Mariama to dinner. It’s up to you if you want us to come or not.”

“So, you won’t come without her?”


His mother sighed. “All right, bring her. After all, you’re just dating her. That could very well change.”

“It won’t.”

“You were a very headstrong child but, I hoped you would grow out of it.”

“Tell me, Mother, if I were dating white American woman instead of Mariama, would you still object?”

“Yes! I would still object.”

“Fine. Mariama and I will be there on Saturday. And, Mother, I expect you to be courteous to her.”

“I know how to conduct myself.” She sounded very offended.

“Good. I must go now, Mother. I’m expecting Mariama any minute. I’m teaching her Greek, by the way. Goodbye.” He ended the call and slipped the phone back into his pocket.

Mariama was waiting outside on the front steps when he returned to the house. He was happy to see her and his face broke out into a big smile as he sprinted up the steps. “Hello,” he said when he reached her.

“Hello,” she replied, smiling up at him.

He pulled her into his arms and kissed her. The kiss lasted for a while and then, they drew back, breathing heavily. Putting his arm around her shoulder, they went inside the house. In the foyer, he told her about his conversation with his mother. “Don’t worry,” he told her.

“I can’t help worrying,” she said. “She doesn’t approve of me.”

“I find it very exasperating that she doesn’t approve of you and she hasn’t even met you. Anyway, she gave me her word that she will be courteous and if she doesn’t anything to offend or upset you, we will leave immediately. And, it will be the last time I ever set foot in that house.”

“Thaddaus, the last thing I want to do is to come between your mother and you–“

“If things get sour between her and me, it won’t be your fault. Now, let’s not worry about her or the dinner. Let’s go into the drawing-room and sit before the fire before we have our Greek lesson in the library. But, first, let’s remove our coats and our boots. I’ll have Giorgos bring us some hot chocolate when we’re in the drawing-room.”

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