Christmas With Gina

Matt watched as Cam played happily with the toys he got for Christmas from both sets of grandparents, Uncle Joel and Aunt Kira, Tanner and Melania and him. He didn’t seem to mind that he wasn’t going to be spending Christmas with his little cousin, Matthew. Matt had told him that this year, just he was going to be spending Christmas with Mommy and Daddy and he was fine with that.

They were spending Christmas Day at the home he used to share with Gina. She was busy in the kitchen preparing their meal. The living-room was nicely decorated with Christmas ornaments and so was the Christmas tree. On the mantlepiece was the Nativity scene. One thing about Gina is that she always kept the home spic and span. In the background Christmas carols were playing. Matt hadn’t been feeling at all in the Christmas mood but now he was. It made him happy to see Cam happy who was happy to be here with his mother.

They had called everyone earlier to wish them all a Merry Christmas. Joel and Kira had been surprised but happy that Cam and he were with Gina. “I bet Cam is excited to be spending Christmas with both of you,” Joel had said to him.

“Yes, he is.”

Gina and Kira had spoken for a while. “How is baby Matthew enjoying his first Christmas? Gina asked.

“He’s loving it. I will send you photos of him in his little outfit. He looks like a candy cane.”

“Gina laughed. “Please give him lots of kisses from his Auntie Gina.”

“I will,” Kira promised. “And, please give Cam a hug and kiss from his Auntie Kira.”

“I will.”

They rang off because Kira had to feed the baby and Gina had to start getting the dinner ready. She was now busy in the kitchen preparing the traditional Christmas turkey dinner with stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, and vegetables just the way Cam loved it. Matt had always complimented her on her cooking. She had learned to cook when she was living on her own and had mastered it.

For dessert, they were going to have Gingerbread and White Chocolate Mousse Trifle which Matt loved. That morning, she had baked Chocolate-Peppermint Brownies for Cam and had put them in a container for him to take home. She didn’t mention them to him because he would want to have one and she didn’t want him to spoil his appetite.

At six-thirty, she removed her apron, wiped her hands on the towel and went into the living-room to announce that dinner was ready. Matt go up from the floor and went over to Cam. “Come on, buddy,” he said. “Dinner is ready. You can play again afterwards.”

Cam got up and they went into the dining-room where the table was beautifully set. Matt made sure Cam was seated before he went into the kitchen. “Is there anything I can do to help?”

Gina looked at him. “Could you carve the turkey?”

“Sure.” He went over to the where the turkey was on the cutting board and set to work carving it. When he was finished, Gina, placed the slices, the drumsticks and thighs in a serving platter which she gave to him and he took it out to the table. When everything was on the table, they sat down, Matt said Grace. Gina prepared a plate for Cam while Matt helped himself. “Everything looks and smells great.”

Gina smiled. “Thank you.”

Before they ate, they pulled the Christmas crackers. Matt and Gina read their riddles and jokes. Cam was very pleased with his noise make which he placed beside his plate. Gina put on her tissue crown hat and then, Cam’s. Matt put on his. Then, they tucked into the hot meal.

After dinner, Cam returned to playing with his toys while Matt helped Gina to clean up before they joined Cam in the living-room. They sat on the sofa, sipping Eggnog as they talked.

Sources: Food & Wine; Food Network; Olde English Crackers

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