Newlyweds, First Christmas in Canada & Pregnant Women

“Well, Mrs. Weise, how would you like us to spend our first Christmas together here in Canada?” Tanner asked Melania.

They had gotten married last month in a small, intimate and beautiful ceremony. His parents, sister Gianna and her boyfriend had flown over from Rochester and Miami respectively. Tanner and Melania met them Friday afternoon at Pearson. They were delighted to meet her and greeted her warmly, with hugs.

“I’m so happy to finally meet you,” Tanner’s mother told her as they hugged. She was a beautiful, petite woman with eyes the same unusual shade as Tanner’s and shoulder length black hair.

“I feel like I already know you because I’ve heard so much about you,” Tanner’s father informed her with a broad smile on his face. He was tall like his son and very attractive.

“It’s nice to meet you,” Gianna told her. She was very pretty with light brown hair like her father’s. Her boyfriend, Tommaso was tall and he had friendly brown eyes. They made an attractive couple. They left the airport and went over to Tanner’s place where they all had dinner before Tanner left to drop his Gianna and Tommaso off at their hotel and then, Melania home. He walked Melania to her door and waited for her to open it. They were reluctant to part company. “We’ll see each other tomorrow,” she said quietly. “And for the rest of our lives afterwards.”

He nodded. “Yes. I can’t wait to marry you, Lana.”

“And I can’t wait to marry you, Tanner.” She reached up and pulled his head down so that she could kiss him.

He put his arms around her and held her tightly against him as they kissed. Then, he broke it off to say, “Goodnight,” gruffly before he turned and walked away. Melania let herself into her apartment.

On Sunday afternoon, the day after the wedding, the six of them and Melania’s parents went out for lunch with Kira. Joel stayed home with the baby. Sunday evening, Tanner’s family flew back to the US and Melania’s parents left on Monday morning. On Monday afternoon, Tanner and Melania left on their honeymoon in St. Lucia.

When they returned from their honeymoon, Melania moved in with Tanner. She loved her old apartment but was happy to be leaving so that she could being her new life with her husband. Husband. What a thrill it gave her to think of Tanner as her husband. She smiled at him now. “I was thinking that we could binge watch Netflix or spend most of the day in bed.”

“I like the idea of spending most of the day in bed.”

Melania laughed. “Of course, you do.”

“What about your aunt Kira and uncle Joel?”

“We can stop by on Christmas Eve with our gifts.”

“That was very nice dinner we had with them last week Saturday.”

“Yes, it was. Aunt Kira likes you and you and Joel got along very well.”

“They’re terrific people. I can see why you’re so close to them.”

“And I watched you with baby Matthew. When you picked him up and held him, he gurgled and waved his little arms and legs. You have such a way with kids.”

“Kids have always gravitated to me.”

“I can’t wait to see you with our kids.”

Tanner smiled. “I’m going to enjoy being a father.”

“As much as you enjoy being a husband?”

Tanner shook his head. “No. I enjoy being a husband more.” He walked over to her and took her in his arms. Lowering his head, he nuzzled her neck, making her catch her breath.

“Even when I gain weight during pregnancy?”

“Yes. I’ve heard that women are more beautiful and sexier when they’re pregnant.”

“That’s what Uncle Joel said about Aunt Kira.”

“And that’s what I will say about you.”

“I hope so.” She closed her eyes, her breath quick and shallow as he kissed the side of her neck.

He raised his head. “Let’s go to bed.”

She opened her eyes and stared at him, “But, it’s not even ten o’clock as yet. And I’m not sleepy.”

“Who said anything about sleeping?”


Tanner scooped her up and carried her off to the bedroom.

Source: Cosmopolitan

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