Antonia and Laird Meet

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It was raining so, they arranged to meet downstairs in the lobby of the building where Laird and Martina lived instead of in Green Park. He had tried to discourage Antonia from coming and suggested meeting another time but, she insisted. So, he decided that he might as well get it over and done with.

Martina tried to persuade him to invite Antonia upstairs so that they could talk in the living-room while she was in the nursery with their baby, but he refused. “I swore to myself that she would never again set foot in our flat.”

“Okay, Honey, you have to do what you feel is best,” Martina conceded and that was the end of that.

He stood in the lobby now, facing his adopted sister. To him, she looked a bit off. Her eyes looked strange, a bit wild. “Hello, Antonia.”

A small smile tugged at her lips. “Hello, Laird.” If only she could hug and kiss him…”You’re looking very well. How-how are you?”

“I’m fine.”

“And–and Martina and the…baby?” She could barely bring herself to mention them.

“They’re both fine. Now, what is it that you needed to tell me in person which you couldn’t do over the phone?”

“It’s–it’s about Dad and Aunt Margery.”

“What about them?”

“They’re engaged.”

“Yes, I know.”

“You know?”

“Yes. Dad told me a couple of days ago.”

“He told you a couple of days ago but he only told me the day before yesterday.”

“He must have his reasons for waiting until then to tell you.”

“He said that he wasn’t sure how I would take the news.”

“And how did you take it?”

“I–I was shocked. I couldn’t believe and still can’t believe that he would want to marry her.”

“Why shouldn’t he want to marry her? They had grown closer since Mother died and have been seeing more of each other lately. I wasn’t at all surprised when he told me about the engagement.”

“So, it doesn’t bother you that he’s going to marry her?”

“No, it doesn’t.”

“I was right. I told you that she has always been in love with Dad but you didn’t believe me. You thought I was making it up.”

“So, I was mistaken, what does it matter? The fact is Dad and Aunt Margery are going to get married. You’ll have to accept it.”

Antonia’s mouth tightened. “I will never accept it, Laird. And she will never replace Mother.”

“She isn’t trying to replace Mother.”

“She will try but she won’t succeed. You’ll see. She’ll make him miserable and he’ll regret marrying her.”

“Antonia, unlike you, I believe that Aunt Margery and Dad will be happy. I wish them well and God’s blessings.”

“Laird, I want to wish Dad well with all my heart, but I can’t. I can’t be happy for him either because he’s marrying the wrong woman.”

“Why is she the wrong woman, Antonia? Is it because she knows things about you?”

“What things?”

“I’d rather not go into any details.”

“Whatever she told you, there are all lies. Lies to turn you against me.”

“Aunt Margery didn’t turn me against you, you did that yourself when you said you hated Karson.”

“I don’t want to hear about Karson. He’s dead and buried. You and I are still alive. I can’t help it if I didn’t love him.”

“If you didn’t love him, you shouldn’t have gotten engaged to him.”

“It’s what Mother wanted. I wanted to please her even if it meant spending for the rest of my life with a man I didn’t love–couldn’t love because I was madly in love with his younger brother–“

Laird’s expression darkened. “I don’t want to hear that,” he snapped. “It’s an ugly chapter in the past which I want to forget.”

“All right. I won’t mention the past anymore.”

“Was there anything else?”

“I’m going to be moving out of the mansion.”

“I think that’s a very good idea.”

“Are there any areas you recommend?”

“You’re 30 so, areas like Camden, North Greenwich,  Shoreditch and Hoxton and Putney would work for you.”

She wanted so badly to ask him if there were any vacancies in his condo building but she refrained from doing so. She knew that the last thing he wanted was for her to move in there. She would include the area in the list she would send to a real estate agent. She smiled. “Thank you, Laird. I’ll search for a flat in those areas.”

“Now, if you don’t mind, I’d like to get back to my wife and our daughter now.”

The words, “wife and our daughter” made her flinch but she managed to say rather brightly, “Well, I best be off now too.”


“Goodbye, Laird.” She watched him walk away before she turned and headed for the double doors. It had stopped raining.

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