Father Morelli’s Temptation

Photo by cottonbro studio on Pexels.com

Father Morelli was in the sanctuary reading his Bible. He tried to concentrate but it was hard because he was thinking about what he was going to do after he left the parish. After his talk with Sister Caterina and praying about it, he was going to stop seeing Genet. He didn’t want to completely cut ties with her. They could keep in touch on the phone or through email. As long as they didn’t spend time together in person, he would be avoiding temptation.

Today was going to be the last time he saw her alone in person. If they happened to bump into each other at his family’s restaurant or somewhere else, that was fine. As long as they weren’t alone together, he had nothing to worry about.

He managed to concentrate on what he was reading and when he was finished, he prayed before closing the Bible. He took it back to his quarters and then, after having supper, he got in his car and headed for Genet’s apartment building. His heartbeat increased the closer he got. By the time he was standing outside of her door, his heart was racing. He closed his eyes and said the prayer for resisting temptation. When he was finished, he rang the bell.

The door opened and Genet stood there. He had called her to let her know that he would be stopping by. “Hello.”


“Come in.”

He hesitated for a moment and then, he went inside. He removed his shoes and followed her into the living-room. When she invited him to have a seat, he declined because he didn’t plan to stay longer than 10 minutes. She sat down on the sofa, and waited apprehensively for him to speak.

After clearing his throat, he said quietly, “I came to tell you that after what happened between us the last time we saw each other, it would be best if we didn’t see each other anymore.”

It took a moment for her to reply. “You want us to stop seeing each other because of a kiss?”

“Genet, I’m a priest. I shouldn’t have kissed you.”

“But, you did because you wanted to and I wanted you to.”

“We can’t always have what we want.”

“So, that’s why you’re here now–to say goodbye?”

“No, I didn’t come to say goodbye. We can still be in touch.”


“By telephone and email. We just can’t see each other like we used to anymore.”

“What about if I see you when I’m at your family’s restaurant?”

“Alone or with Fabrizio?”


“That’s fine. We can sit together but we can’t leave together. We can’t be alone with each other anymore.”

“I guess this means that our day trip to Tivoli is now out of the question.”


Genet sighed. “And I guess it’s no point inviting you to stay and have dinner with me.”

“No. That wouldn’t be a good idea and besides, I’ve already eaten.”

“All right, Roberto. Although it makes me sad to do this, I will respect your wishes.” She got up from the sofa and walked over to him.

They stood there staring at each other for several minutes. Then, she put her arms around him and rested her head against his chest. He stiffened at once and a tense expression came over his face. He didn’t know what to do–whether to hug her back or to push her away. His hands remained at his sides as he struggled with the emotions which were warring inside him. Her body felt so soft against his…

Gently extricate yourself from her, say goodbye and quickly leave. That was all he had to do. It was what he must do if he didn’t want to give into temptation again.

His hands went up to take hold of her by the shoulders, intending to push her gently away but when she drew back slightly and looked up at him, he lost his head. His hands left her shoulders to clutch the sides of her head, holding it firmly in place as he lowered his head to kiss her. Genet pressed against him, moaning as his mouth moved hungrily and unreservedly on hers.

The frenzied exchange of kisses lasted for a while and then, he broke off the kiss and released her. Breathing harshly, he hastily removed his cassock while Genet hurriedly removed her blouse and jeans so that she was left only in her bra and underwear.

Father Morelli frantically unbuttoned his shirt, dragged it off, his trousers and underwear followed. He stood there stark naked and fully aroused. Genet, unable to help herself, grabbed his hips and lowered her head to press kisses on his bare skin. He groaned, closing his eyes. Her warm lips felt so good. Heat coursed through his body and settled in his loins, making him shudder. Muttering under his breath, he gripped her head and raised her up so that he could devour her mouth.

Genet clung to him as her head was thrown far back under the onslaught of his lips. Desire like a wild, out of control fire consumed them both. He broke off the kiss to get rid of her bra and underwear. Then, he picked her up and carried her over to the rug. After he put her down, he stretched out beside her, on his left side and after kissing her, he pressed kisses against her neck and across her bosom. She gasped when he flicked his tongue against each nipple before taking it in his mouth. She raised her head slightly and watched him, her breath raspy.

After he was done with her breasts, he pressed kisses down her stomach and then, he buried his face between her legs. Genet’s head fell back and she closed her eyes, moaning as she experienced intense pleasure. Then, her body seemed to explode and as she lay there shaking, he positioned himself so that he could enter her. She cried out when she felt him inside her and the pain which followed. It soon went away, though. She clung to him and wrapped her legs around him as he moved his hips.

At that moment, while Father Morelli was committing the mortal sin of fornication, Sister Caterina was in the church’s sanctuary praying for him.

Source: Yeah Catholic

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