Christmas Plans

“I can’t believe that Christmas is just around the corner,” Kira said to Joel who had just come home from the office. “I haven’t even bought Christmas cards or made a list of presents that I’m going to get or what to prepare for Christmas dinner. I’m getting tired just thinking about all the things I have to do.”

“Don’t forget Mel’s wedding.”

Kira groaned. “Oh, yes. It’s on November 26. Originally, they had planned on getting married in August or September but they decided to push it to November because of our baby. Mel wants me to be her matron of honor.”

“Is the wedding going to be after sunset?”

“Yes. The sun sets before 5pm and the wedding is at 6.”

“How are the wedding plans going?”

“They’re going well, I guess. Tanner’s parents are flying over from Rochester and his sister is coming from Miami. His parents will be staying with him while his sister and her boyfriend will be staying at a hotel. And Mel’s parents will be staying with her. Mel’s bringing them around on the Friday before the wedding. They want to see the baby.”

“I guess it’s a good thing because they won’t see him at the wedding.”

“No. Your parents will be taking care of him. I’ll make sure I pack as many bottles of milk as possible.”

“I guess it will be formula since you won’t be there to breastfeed him.”

“No. It will be breast milk. I never dreamed I would have so much. I thank God for that.”

Joel smiled. “Yes, breast milk is the best thing for babies.”

“I spoke to Mel this morning. She said she went for another fitting of her wedding dress and that it’s still a perfect fit.”

“Are she and Tanner still going to have dinner with us?”

“Yes. December 3rd which is a Saturday.”

“Do you feel up to it? We can always have them for dinner on New Year’s Eve or some other time.”

“No, I’ll be fine. It will be a simple dinner, nothing fancy.”

“Good. And I can take care of Matthew while you entertain them.”

“How would you like us to spend Matthew’s first Christmas Day? Here or with your parents?”

“We can spend it here.”

“What about Matt and Cam?”

“I don’t know what Matt’s plans are. I’ll ask him.”

“It would be nice if he and Cam spent Christmas Day with Gina.”

“You’re really hoping that those two get back together, aren’t you?”

“Yes, I do. As I said before, Gina has changed. She’s a completely different person. She called me this morning on her way to work to find out how the baby and I were doing. We had a nice chat. I told her that she was welcome to visit anytime.”

“Well, we’ll see what happens. If you like we can invite them to have dinner with us one evening.”

“How about New Year’s Day?”

“Kira, are you sure you want to have another dinner so soon after a family Christmas dinner?”

“Yes. It would be a nice way to celebrate the first day of the new year.”

“All right. I’ll mention it to Matt.”

“Good. So, Matthew will be spending his first Christmas right here. By the way, I love the cute bib you bought for him.”

“You mean the one with the reindeer and which says ‘My first Christmas’?”

Kira nodded, smiling. “I’ll make sure he wears it on Christmas day with his Daddy’s and Mommy’s Favorite Gift outfit.”

“You mean the one that will make him look like a candy cane?”

Kira laughed. “Yes. Can you imagine how adorable he’ll look in it?”

“Yes, not to mention the matching hat. Poor kid will be the center of attention.”

“I’m sure he’ll love it.”

Just then, they heard the baby crying. “Guess who has woken up from his beauty rest? I’ll go.” Joel removed his jacket and draped it on the back of the sofa before he walked out of the room.

Kira went over to the sofa and took up the jacket. She went into the foyer and hung it in the closet. Afterwards, she went into the kitchen to fix Matt something to eat. This Christmas was going to the best one ever because of baby Matthew. He was God’s second gift of love. Jesus was the first.

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