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For weeks since Sherri joined the department, he wanted to ask her to have dinner with him but he was hesitant to do so because he was nervous and wasn’t sure that she would want to date him although there wasn’t any company policy against co-workers dating. Besides, she might not even be interested in more than a work relationship with him. So, to save himself the embarrassment of rejection, he decided that he wasn’t going to ask her out.

Then, the thought occurred to him that he could invite her to his church’s Community Guest Day program on Saturday. He knew that Sherri was an Adventist like him. Chances were that she might know some of the members at his church. He had never been to her church but he knew a few of the members. There was no harm in inviting her to church. After the service he would encourage her to stay for the fellowship lunch in the church basement.

He decided that would wait until after their weekly board meeting was over and everyone else had left before he asked her about Saturday. After he grabbed a new notebook from the shelf in the supply room, he returned to his office and busied himself with work until it was time for the meeting. She was already there and she smiled broadly when he walked in. That gave him the courage to say, “Do you mind staying after the meeting? I’d like to talk to you.”


The other staff walked in and soon the meeting was on the way. An hour later, everyone else cleared out of the boardroom until they were the only two left. He looked across at Sherri, his heart pounding. She turned her chair so that she was facing him. “What’s on your mind?” she asked.

He cleared his throat. “My church is having a Community Guest Day program and I was wondering if you would be interested in coming as my guest.”

“Sure. I’ve never been to your church but I’ve always wanted to visit. Thank you for inviting me, Rashad.”

Relieved, he said. “You’re welcome. The guest speaker is Pastor Philip Shaw.”

“I like Pastor Shaw. He’s a no nonsense kind of guy. He tells it as it is. Those who like to hear feel good messages wouldn’t like him.”

He smiled. “You’re right. I know a few people who avoid him.”

“We need more pastors like him. He uses Bible truths to illustrate practical living. I read somewhere that ‘An individual will never become a different person until the Scriptures become alive to them in a practical way’. Jesus taught that we shouldn’t just be hearers of the Word but doers as well. Pastor Shaw believes and teaches us how to practice what the Bible teaches. By doing that, we’re following Jesus’ example.”

“Yes, we are. Christianity is supposed to be practical not theoretical.”

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“Amen! Do you have plans for this evening?”

He shook his head. “No.”

“Neither do I. Do you like Indian food?”


“There’s a restaurant just around the corner. They serve Vegetarian dishes. Is six o’clock good for you?”


She stood up. “Good. I’ll call and make the reservations.”

He rose to his feet. “All right.”

She grabbed her things and the glass of water and walked out of the boardroom.

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