Chioma’s News

Dushan was anxious to find out how Chioma’s visit to the doctor went. Her appointment was earlier that afternoon at 3:45. He wanted to go with her but he had meetings. It was a crazy day at the office. He couldn’t wait for the day to be over so that he could go home and be with her.

She called and left a message saying that she would be at home when he got there. Why didn’t she at least let him know if she was pregnant or not? He would have to wait until he saw her to find out. She sounded fine on the phone. Perhaps, that was a good sign. Still, he couldn’t wait to see her and as soon as his last client left, he packed up and left the office. Everyone else had already left, anxious to start the weekend, he suspected.

Chioma was in the living-room relaxing on the sofa. He went over and sat down beside her. After they hugged and kissed. He looked at her, his eyes searching. “So, what did the doctor say?”

“He confirmed what you suspected.”

“You’re pregnant?”


“How far along are you?”

“Six weeks.”

He mentally calculated in his mind. “It was the evening when we went for dinner and you told me that we were going to Rome. On our way home, we stopped and had a quickie in my car.”

Chioma smiled. “Yes, I got pregnant at the back of your car.”

“I don’t think that’s something we can tell our child–at least not until he or she is of age.”

Chioma laughed. “Are you excited?” she asked, placing her hand on his thigh.

“Of course. I’m excited, happy. Oh, Baby…” he cupped her face between his hands and kissed her on the mouth before he hugged her. “I love you so much.”

“I love you very much too.”

“How are you feeling?”

“Aside from feeling bloated, wanting to pee more often, sore breasts and a metallic taste in my mouth, I’m fine.”

“Have you eaten anything?”

“I had some fruit and have been drinking lots of water.”

“You relax while I fix us something.”

“Thanks, Honey.”

He kissed her again before getting up from the sofa and leaving the room.

Chioma leaned her head against the back of the sofa and smiled. She was pregnant. Dushan and she were going to have a child. It didn’t matter what the gender was as long as the baby was healthy. She couldn’t wait to call her parents in Abuja and tell them the good news and then, Adaeze. They were all going to be so thrilled. She would tell Lydia and the rest of her co-workers on Monday.

Dushan and she had been planning to move but now, she wondered if they should wait until the child was older. They might even consider moving to the beautiful English countryside. She had seen so many lovely places on the show, Escape to the Country. She would talk to Dushan about it later.

They had to think of names and set up a nursery in the guest room. She couldn’t wait to start shopping for baby things. Then, there were her regular checkups, a healthy diet and Lamaze classes. And mat leave. It would be such a nice break being at home before and after the baby came.

About half hour later, Dushan returned to the living-room to announce, “Dinner is ready.”

She stared at him in surprise and wonder. “That was quick. What’s for dinner?”

“Baked Salmon with Brussels Sprouts & Quinoa. Would you like to eat here or at the table?”

“At the table.” She got up and followed him to the dining-room. He held out the chair for her and she sat down. He went into the kitchen and returned with two plates. He set hers in front of her. It looked and smelled delicious. She couldn’t wait to dig into it.

“What would you like to drink?”

“Cranberry juice, please.”

He brought her a glass of Cranberry juice. “I hope you enjoy your dinner,” he said as he sat down opposite her.

She smiled. “You know I will. You’re an amazing cook.”

He smiled in return. “Thank you. I can do most of the cooking, if you like.”

“We can still take turns but when it’s near time for the baby to come, you can do all the cooking.”

“It’s a deal!” He raised his glass. “Here’s to the new life God has blessed us with.”

Sources: NHS; My Health Alberta; Eating Well; What to Expect; Healthline

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