Weeks Later…

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Father Morelli was in the sanctuary. A couple of weeks had passed since the last time he saw Genet. After she walked away when they were in the garden, he was sorry that things had ended the way they did. He had lost a cherished friend all because of a slip of the tongue. Why did he have to mention that there was a time when he had wanted them to be more than friends? That was something she really didn’t need to know, considering how things actually turned out. She ended up dating his cousin, Fabrizio and he ended up dating Carla until his call to join the priesthood.

If she had told him before he became a priest that she wanted to be more than friends, his life would be completely different now. He closed his eyes. Friendship was all he could offer her now but she didn’t want it. She wanted what he couldn’t give her. A relationship was out of the question. Priests weren’t allowed to have non platonic relationships. They couldn’t prevent themselves from falling in love. As he mentioned to her, Pope Francis had loved a girl but just as nothing came from that, nothing could come from this. He could never act on his feelings for Genet, no matter how strong they became. Perhaps, it was a good thing that they weren’t seeing each other anymore. Still, he missed her so much…

His eyes opened and he started when he saw Genet standing at the end of the pew, watching him. He rose to his feet, very happy to see her. “Hello, Genet,” he greeted her quietly.

“Hello, Roberto. I-I came to apologize.”

He looked at her in surprise. “Apologize for what?”

“For my behavior the last time we saw each other. I had no right to be act the way I did.”

“You were upset.”

“That’s no excuse. I had no right to be upset with you just because you want to be friends and nothing more.”

“Genet, if circumstances were different–“

“I understand.”

“I would like us to be friends again but I’ll understand if you don’t.”

“I would like us to be friends again.”

“Have you had dinner?”

“No. After leaving work, I came straight here.”

“My mother’s expecting me to stop by the restaurant. Would you like to come with me?”


“It’s a nice evening so we can walk over.”

“Okay. Could we stay here for a little while longer? I like to look at the glass stained windows.” They both sat down.

“Sure. Genet?”


“Have you visited Villa Celimontana?”


“What about Fabrizio? Have you seen him recently?”

“When I said that I would visit Villa Celimontana with him, I was upset. I haven’t seen him since we broke up.”

He was very relieved to hear that. “Would you still like to visit Villa Celimontana?”


“I’ll take you there on Sunday afternoon if you’re free.”

“I’m free.”

“I’ve missed you, Genet.”

“I’ve missed you too.” She blinked back the tears as she said, “I’d rather be your friend than nothing at all.”

Sources: The New York Times; Talitha Kum; Kiiky; US News

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