Sebastien Calls Maty

Where the devil was she? This was the third time he was calling her and there was still no answer. Did she turn off her cell? If so, why? And why wasn’t she answering his calls? Where was she? Was she with someone else?

Jealousy ripped through him like a knife at the mere thought of her with another man. It was so frustrating that he couldn’t leave a message. Or that he hadn’t heard from her, especially since she had been to the office to see him that afternoon while he was at a business meeting.

After the meeting was over, he had called the office to find out if he had any messages and to ask Eleonore to set up a board for Monday, she told him that he had a visitor. “Who was it?” he asked.

“I don’t know. I didn’t ask who she was.”

“Did she tell you why she wanted to see me?”

“No, Mr. Durand.”

“And she didn’t leave a name and number?”


“Could you describe her to me?”

“She was a tall, slim, African woman in a brightly colored dress and she wore her hair in braids.”

“It was Maty,” he told her.

“You know her?”


“Hmm. I thought she was one of those–you know women and that she was soliciting.”

“Maty isn’t a prostitute, Eleonore. She’s from Mali. She left there because of the instability there. She found a job as a domestic with a couple I know. That’s how I met her.”

“I’m sorry. I thought she was a…”

“Even if she were, it wouldn’t be a crime. Remember, prostitution here in Senegal is legal and regulated. Senegal is one of the few countries in Africa to legalize prostitution and the only one to legally regulate it. The only condition that it is done discreetly.”

Eleonore had shaken her head reprovingly. “I can’t imagine why they would legalize something like that. Women selling their bodies and men paying for their services. It’s disgusting.”

“Don’t be so quick to judge the women. Poverty is the reason why man of them turn to prostitution. Some of them are victims of human trafficking.”

“Well, legalizing prostitution only makes the problem worse. Women should be encouraged to earn a decent, honest living instead of selling themselves to men who see them as nothing more like sex objects. I think prostitution should be banned.”

“I agree with you, Eleonore. Anyway, I have to go now. I will call Maty before I head over to the restaurant. Have a good weekend and I’ll see you on Monday. Goodbye.” He ended the call and dialed Maty’s number. There was no answer. He would try again when he was the restaurant.

And here, he was sitting at the table, trying to reach her while he waited for Faye, an English friend who moved to Dakar from London ten years ago. The incessant ringing of the phone irritated him. “For goodness sake, Maty, answer your phone!”

Unaware that he was calling her on her cell which she had turned off to conserve the battery, Maty stood some distance from the restaurant where Sebastien was. She had stopped by his office to see him. His secretary, a woman in her mid-fifties gave her a disapproving look before she coldly informed her that Mr. Durand was not in the office but at a business meeting.

“When do you expect him back from the meeting?” she asked her.

“I don’t expect him to come back,” she replied curtly. “He said that after the meeting he would be going to…” she mentioned the name of the restaurant.

Maty thanked her although she had been very hostile towards her and left. She caught the bus which would take her close to the restaurant. She arrived about five minutes before he did. She saw when he drove past and into the parking lot. The sun hadn’t set as yet. She watched as he parked and then, walked to the entrance of the restaurant. He was alone but she suspected that he was going to meet someone there. Who was it? A business colleague or a woman? She hoped that it wasn’t a woman. She hated the thought of him having dinner with another woman.

What was she going to do now? Stay out here until they came out of the restaurant? That didn’t make any sense. Maybe, she would go inside and have a non-alcoholic drink at the bar and wait. It was too bad that she couldn’t use her cell. She would call him and tell him that she was outside. What would he do? Come outside? Or invite her to join him and his date? She didn’t like the idea of having dinner with him and the other woman. Three was a crowd and she would feel like the third wheel.

Maybe, she should just go home and call him tomorrow.

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