Trishan Meets With Sarika

Trishan stood on the steps outside of his flat, debating whether or not he should stop by Sarika’s office. She had called him last night to ask him to go and see her because she needed to talk to him. When he asked her what it was about, she was evasive, saying that she wanted to speak to him in person. “It’s very important,” she told him.

“All right,” he said. “When would you like me to stop by your office?”

“At 5:30.”

“I’ll be there.”

He wondered what she wanted to talk to him about. Did it have to do with the breakup or something else? He mentioned the call when he was having dinner with Rehema at her place. “What do you think I should do?” he asked her.

“I think you should go and see what she wants.”

“All right but if she talks about getting back together, I will have to be firm and let her know that it’s out of the question.”

“Yes, especially now that we’re engaged.”

He smiled. “Yes.” A week ago, he had proposed to her and she had readily accepted. “I can’t wait to go on our honeymoon.”

With a start, he realized that if he didn’t leave now, he would be late for work. He hurried down the steps and headed for the train station.

At exactly 5:30, he arrived at Sarika’s office. She was waiting for him outside the building. She looked upset about something. He hoped that she wouldn’t make a scene. “Hello, Sarika.”

“Is it true, Trishan?” Sarika asked him.

“Is what true?”

“That you’re engaged.”

“How did you find out about that?”

“Your uncle told me. So, it’s true. I didn’t want to believe it.”

“I’m sorry that you had to find out from my uncle.”

“How long have you known this woman you’re going to marry, Trishan? Less than a year? You and I were in a four year relationship and yet, you kept telling me that you weren’t ready to get married. You got annoyed with me whenever I mentioned marriage and then, you up and ask this other woman to marry you. Why, Trishan? Why her? Why not me? What does she have that I don’t?”

“When I met Rehema, I fell in love with her.”

“How could you fall in love with her so quickly?”

“I don’t know, it just happened.”

Tears began to well in Sarika’s eyes. “I’ve wasted over four years of my life with a guy who didn’t love me or want to marry me. It would have been better if we had never met and if I had never fallen in love with you.”

“Sarika, I’m sorry. I never meant to hurt you–“

“I don’t want hear about how sorry you are or how you never meant to hurt me. I never want to see your miserable face again, Trishan Ghai.” She turned on her heel and walked away.

Trishan watched her go and then, he turned and went in the opposite direction.

Source: Planet Ware

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