Mahsa Amini

Masha Amini was in Tehran when she was arrested. Her brother was told that she would be taken to the detention center to undergo a “briefing class” and released in an hour. Two hours later, Masha had a heart attack and a brain seizure. She died two days later. Her brother noticed bruises on her head and legs. Other detainees said that she was severely beaten by the police.

Will worldwide protests and sanctions be the viable solutions to protect Iranian women?

82 Words

IranWire’s Image of Mahsa Amini at the Detention center

This was written for the Weekend Writing Prompt by Sammi Cox. For instructions, click Here.

Source: Wikipedia

7 Replies to “Mahsa Amini”

  1. Well done bringing voice to the horrors inflicted in the name of distorted religious zeal and totalitarian dogmas and suppression of women’s rights. The violence in Iran – and the courage of the protestors – hold a mirror to the world about the price of taking away civil liberties, and the courage required to confront inequities and the deliberate cruelty such policies wish to have pass as ‘order’.

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