The Rich and the Poor

My Christian brothers, our Lord Jesus Christ is the Lord of shining-greatness. Since your trust is in Him, do not look on one person as more important than another.  What if a man comes into your church wearing a gold ring and good clothes? And at the same time a poor man comes wearing old clothes. What if you show respect to the man in good clothes and say, “Come and sit in this good place”?

But if you say to the poor man, “Stand up over there,” or “Sit on the floor by my feet,” are you not thinking that one is more important than the other? This kind of thinking is sinful.  Listen, my dear Christian brothers, God has chosen those who are poor in the things of this world to be rich in faith. The holy nation of heaven is theirs. That is what God promised to those who love Him.  You have not shown respect to the poor man.

Is it not the rich men who make it hard for you and take you to court?  They speak against the name of Christ. And it was Christ Who called you.  You do well when you obey the Holy Writings which say, “You must love your neighbor as you love yourself.”  But if you look on one man as more important than another, you are sinning. And the Law says you are sinning.


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