First Day at Jacksonville University

It was the first day back to university. He had mixed feelings. While he was excited about the new year and teaching new students, he couldn’t stop thinking about Kalisa and missing the times they spent together in Kigali. What was she doing at that moment? Was she already at the school or was she on her way there?

He remembered how much he used to look forward to seeing her every morning during the week and on the weekends. She was such a lovely girl that he could hardly keep his eyes off her when they were alone after the other students had left for the day. He tried hard not to overstep the boundaries and to keep their relationship strictly that of a teacher and student but his attraction for her was too strong.

They began seeing each other after school everyday and on the weekends too. They went sightseeing, for dinner and to the beach where they went for long walks and swam. He smiled as he remembered how she used to love to run along the water’s edge, laughing and twirling about. Then, he would chase her into the water where they splashed about. Some time later, they would race each other out of the water. And they always ended up making love in the sand. He closed his eyes as memories of them lying there, naked and moaning as he thrust his hips forward, fast and hard against her. Intense heat stirred in his loins and he sighed heavily.

“Professor Williams, are you all right?” someone asked him. He opened his eyes and looked at the student standing in front of him, looking curiously up at him.

He smiled. “Yes, Wendell, I’m fine. How was your summer?”

“It was very good. A group of friends and I went to Salou, Spain for two weeks. We had a great time. Lots of beautiful girls there.”

“Did you visit other cities while you were there?”

“We visited Barcelona and spent a day at the water park, Costa Caribe, just down the road from the beach.”

“Well, it sounds like you had a very good summer.”

“Yes. What about you?”

“I was in Kigali, Rwanda teaching English to students aged 16 to 21.”

“That’s very interesting. How long were you there for?”

“Eight weeks.”

“What made you decide to go to Rwanda to teach instead of going on a real vacation?”

“I’ve always wanted to go on a mission trip.”

“Well, it’s good to see you, Professor Williams.”


They parted ways. Wendell joined a group of other students who were milling about while Deandre went inside the university to mingle with the other professors. After exchanging stories of how they spent the summer break, it was time to go to their respective classes. As he stood in front of the classroom, watching the students as they filed in, he thought about Kalisa, wishing that her face was among the ones he saw.

It was her first day at the university. Kalisa was very nervous and excited. She had never been to America before nor did she ever dream that she would be here. Then, he showed up in at her school Kigali to teach her and other students English. From the moment she walked into the classroom and saw him standing there, tall and very handsome, she knew she was in trouble. She tried to concentrate when he was teaching but it was hard.

She began staying after class on the pretext of having questions about the lessons so that she could be alone with him. She was thrilled when he wanted to see her outside of the school. How she looked forward to their walks on the beach. The times they spent together were the happiest in her entire life. How she wished that he didn’t have to leave Kigali and return to America.

Saying goodbye to him was the toughest thing she ever had to do. As they made love for the last time, she clung to him, letting the tears fall. She told him that she loved him but not with her lips but with her heart. They said goodbye when he took her back to the dormitory. The tears fell again when she watched him walk away and out of her life.

For days, she couldn’t sleep or think or eat. The thought of never seeing Deandre was unbearable. She prayed earnestly about it and then, she decided to apply to Jacksonville University. She waited and then, something wonderful and unexpected happen. One of the staff at the center told her that a Rwandan couple living in Jacksonville, Florida wanted to sponsor a female student through the non-profit organization FACES Africa. “I sent photos of you and other girls to the director of FACES,” she told Kalisa. “And she contacted me to let me know that the couple chose you. They will be your host family.”

Kalisa couldn’t believe her ears and when she received a letter of acceptance from Jacksonville university, she knew that God had answered her prayers. And now, here she was on the campus about to begin her first day. It felt so surreal. Was she going to see Deandre today? She hoped so. Would he be shocked but very pleased to see her? She hoped so.

She glanced at her watch. It was time for her first class.

Source: Student Hut

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