Laszlo’s First Date and the Dance Festival

“So, how was your date last night?” Folami asked Laszlo.

“What’s with you?”

“Nothing. I just asked you a question.”

“It’s the way you asked it.”

“Never mind the way I asked the question, just answer it.”

“With your attitude, I have a good mind not to answer your question.”

“What’s wrong with my attitude?”

“It comes across as confrontational.”

“I’m not confrontational. All I asked was a simple question. You’re been evasive.”

“I’m not being evasive. And if it’s that important to you, my date went well.”

“I guess that means that you plan on seeing her again.”

“Yes. Do you have a problem with that?”

Her chin lifted and her eyes flashed at him. “Why would I have a problem with that?” she demanded. “We’re just friends, remember?”

“So you keep reminding me.”

“So, where did you and she go for your date?”

“I took her for dinner at STK Steakhouse. We ordered from the date night menu.”

“They have a date night menu?”

“Yes. And we ate on the rooftop. It was a beautiful night.”

“I bet it was. And what did you two lovebirds do afterwards?”

He grimaced. “We went The Delancey where we had drinks and enjoyed live music.”

“How nice. Sounds like it was a dream date. How are you going to top it?”

“Well, she invited me to go to Benmarl Winery for a wine tasting tour. It’s the oldest vineyard in America. She knows the owner and his wife and said that while we’re sipping wine, we can enjoy the views of the 37-acre state which overlooks the Hudson River Valley.”

“Sounds peachy. Be sure to take lots of photos.”

“I will.”

“And when is this fun trip to the winery?”

“Next week Sunday.”

“Are you going to drive?”


“Is she?”

“No. Her chauffeur will take us.”

“She has a chauffeur?”

“Yes, but I’m sure I mentioned that to you.”

“I remember you telling me that she lives in an apartment overlooking Central Park.”

“We met in Central Park.”

“It was on a Wednesday evening. You were both jogging and ended up in front of the Bethesda Fountain. You got to talking and then, went for coffee. After more talking, you asked her out for dinner and she accepted.”

“Something like that.”

“Is she beautiful?”

“Yes. She looks like a model but she’s a Marketing Manager.”

“So, she beautiful and rich. Sounds like you’ve hit the jackpot this time.”

“You think I’m with her because of her looks and money?”


“Then, why did you make that crack about hitting the jackpot?”

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said it.”

“Apology accepted. Do you have any plans for the evening?”


“Would you be interested in going to the Battery Dance Festival?”

“Sure. I guess you’ll leave your car here and we’ll take the subway.”

“Yes. We buy food from the food carts near the Festival or get takeout.”

“When we get there, we’ll decide where we want to get the food. What time is the festival?”

“It starts at 7pm. It’s now 5. We should leave now, that way we would be rushing to get there.”

“All right. Let me grab my handbag and maybe a couple of blankets we can spread on the grass.”

Five minutes later, they were heading for the subway. They ended up going to the Gyrohouse, a food stand instead of to a restaurant for takeout. He got the Lamb over rice and she got the Chicken over rice. They got to Robert F. Wagner Jr. Park by 6:30 and found a spot on the grass near the stage. They spent a beautiful, summer evening enjoying the festival which took place in front of the sparkling New York Harbor.

Sources: Pure Wow; The Whole World is a Playground; Monster; Timeout

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