Layne Has Dinner at the Mansion

“Layne, I’m so happy that you decided to have dinner tonight with your father and me. We’ve missed you.”

“I didn’t want to turn Dad down again.”

“I’m relieved that you came alone.”

“Olivia had to be in London, that’s why she didn’t come with me this evening.”

“Your father will be disappointed because he was hoping to meet her.”

“You’re not disappointed, though, are you?”

“No. It would have been awful for me if you had brought her. I wouldn’t have been able to hide my jealousy.”

“That’s another reason why I wouldn’t have brought her with me.”

“Your father mentioned that you might give her a tour of the estate.”

“Yes, but I will make sure that you two aren’t here.”

“Why do you want to do it when we’re not here? Do you plan on taking her to your room and…?”

“Now why would I come all the way here to take Olivia upstairs to my old bed when I can easily take her to the one in my flat?”

Consumed with rage and jealousy, she flew at him and pummeled him with her fists, her face flushed with fury. “Damn you to hell!” she cried.

He caught her wrists and held them tightly. “For your information, I haven’t slept with Olivia.”

“But you plan to, don’t you?” she cried, her eyes flashing at him. “Let go of me or I’ll–“

“You’ll what? Scream?”

“I hate you.”

“No, you don’t.” He released her hands and caught her by the waist pulling her against him. Lowering his head, he kissed her hard on the mouth.

Sable moaned and kissed him back passionately. Her arms went around his neck. He broke off the kiss to press his mouth urgently against her neck. “Oh, Layne…”

“Do you still hate me?”

“No, I could never hate you.” Removing her arms from around his neck. “Let’s go over to the loveseat.”

He hesitated. “We can’t do anything in here,” he exclaimed. “What if Dad or Preston were to walk in and catch us?”

“They won’t. Your father is on a business call and I asked Preston not to disturb us until dinner was ready. I told him that I wanted to alone with you. He doesn’t suspect anything. It’s all perfectly innocent to him.” She grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the Saint Germain loveseat.

He stood there as she unfastened his belt, thinking this was crazy, reckless. His breath was harsh and unsteady. The belt was loose, the zipper was pulled down and so were his trousers and boxer shorts. She pushed him unto the love seat. As he sat there, fully aroused, she hastily removed her underwear and straddled him. He closed his eyes and leaned his head against the back panel, moaning and gripping her thighs as intense pleasure washed over him. Eyes squeezed shut, hands pressing down on his shoulders, she threw her head back and began to move up and down. Their moans and groans filled the room which, fortunately was soundproof, so no one could hear them.

Several minutes later, she climbed off him, stood up and pulled on her underwear. “I’ll be right back,” she said. She slipped out and it took a few minutes for him to compose himself. He got up and his hands trembled slightly as he used his kerchief to clean himself up before he pulled up his shorts and trousers. He went over to the bar and fixed himself a drink to steady his nerves.

Several minutes later, Sable rejoined him. She leaned against the wall, watching him. “Dinner will be ready in five minutes. What are you drinking?”

“A glass of wine. It helps to calm my nerves. Shall I pour you a glass?”

“No, thank you. I try not to drink on an empty stomach.”

“What we just did was crazy, reckless.”

“I thought it was thrilling.”

“You wouldn’t have thought so if we’d gotten caught.”

“But, we didn’t get caught.”

“How are your wrists?”

“They’re fine. I’m sorry I attacked you but you got me so mad. I hate the thought of you in bed with another woman.”

He went over to the window and looked out with his back turned towards her, thinking about the soiled handkerchief in his pocket and having to face his father who, like Preston, didn’t suspect anything. Just then, the door opened and Preston stuck his head in to announce that dinner was ready.

Source: Wayfair

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