Flowers From Larry

PHOTO PROMPT © Jan Wayne Fields

“I would like those flowers, please.”

“Sure. What’s the occasion?”

“My brother’s funeral.”

“Very sorry to hear that. What happened?”

“He was found shot outside of his house.”

“Oh, no. How horrible for his family. Does the police have any suspects?”

“There aren’t any suspects. It was suicide.”


“Yes. He couldn’t live with what he had done.”

“What could he have done that was so horrible?”

“He forgot to take Tommy to daycare, went to work instead, leaving him in the hot car.”

Her eyes welled up. “Oh, Larry, I’m so sorry.”

“Include the teddy bear with Tommy’s flowers.”

100 Words

This story is fiction but it was inspired by a tragic true story of a father who shot himself after he found his 18-month-old son dead in the backseat of an overheated car. 

This post is for the Friday’s Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. You can find this week’s prompt here. To read other stories or to participate, click here.

12 thoughts on “Flowers From Larry

  1. This is such a tragic story. I don’t know if the other parent could ever forgive them, never mind themselves. It’s happened way too often (forgetting the child in the car, I mean)

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  2. I know a family in which the kids were playing hide and seek. By the time they found their 3-year-old, it was too late. Such heartbreak cannot be described or understood by anyone to whom it has not happened. You’ve described it so well, it brought me to tears–again–thinking about this incident.

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    • How heartbreaking and horrific for the family of the 3 year old. You’re right, Linda. This sort of tragedy is something that none of us who haven’t experienced it, can even begin to understand or process. Thank you. I brought me to tears when I saw the news of another incident and they showed a photo of the little boy. I couldn’t bring myself to watch story. My heart goes out to that family and to all the other families.

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    • Yes, it is extremely sad. It’s tragic about the three children in Australia. I can’t imagine what their families must be going through. It’s disturbing how often this sort of thing seems to be happening.


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