Paul Runs Into Amy

Paul walked out of Perry’s Emporium where he had just bought a Sylvie semi-mount engagement ring for Nita. He paused outside to look at it again. The salesperson had assured him, “I’m sure that your lady love will extremely delighted to receive such an exquisite ring. All the rings in the Sylvie Collection were designed to celebrate love. And this one with its beautiful diamond and its characteristic femininity will be sure to impress her.”

Paul knew, just by looking at it, that it was the perfect ring for Nita. He could just picture it on her hand. Smiling, he told the salesperson that he would take it and she was thrilled.

He closed the box and slipped it back into breast pocket of his jacket. Tonight, after a romantic dinner at his place, he was going to propose. He couldn’t wait to see Nita’s face and to put the ring on her finger. His lips parted in a smile and he was about to move off when he heard someone call his name. He glanced up and his expression changed when he saw who it was. It was Amy, Angie’s friend. First Angie’s mother and now her friend. Who was he going to run into next? Angie’s father or her brother, Raul or her sister?

“Hello, Paul,” Amy said when she reached him. Her eyes traveled over him before they shifted to Perry’s Emporium.

“Hello, Amy.”

“You’re looking good, as usual.” She always thought how lucky Angie was to have snagged such a gorgeous man. “How are you doing?”

“I’m doing well, thanks.”

“It’s too bad about what happened between Angie and you.”

“You mean about her lying to me about being pregnant?”

“Yes and the annulment.”

“Well, that’s all in the past now and I really don’t want to talk about it anymore.”

“I can see why,” she said. “I just saw you come out of one of the most expensive jewelry stores. And I saw you holding what looked like a little black box in your hand.”

“Are you here to check up on me and then report back to your friend?”

“I’m not checking up on you, Paul. I just happened to be in the area and I saw you. I thought I would come over and say hello.”

“You’ve said hello but now you’re trying to figure out why I was in Perry’s. Well, don’t let me keep you in suspense. I went to buy an engagement ring.”

Amy’s eyes widened. “An engagement ring?”


“Who’s the lucky woman?”

“You ought to know.”


“Yes. I know it was you who told Angela that you saw us together at Copper Penny.”

“I just thought Angie ought to know, that’s all.”

“What I do and with whom I do it with is none of Angela’s business.”

“So, you’re really going to get married again.”

“Yes, and as far as I’m concerned, my farce of a marriage to your friend doesn’t count. You can tell her that too. Now, if you’ll excuse me–“

“Wait a minute, Paul. Why are you so sore at me? I wasn’t the one who lied to you.”

“No, but if I hadn’t walked in and heard you tell Angela that you couldn’t believe that she was going through with the fake pregnancy, I still wouldn’t have known anything. I had to ask you twice before you told me the truth.”

“Angie’s my friend, I couldn’t tell you or anyone about the pregnancy. It was up to her to do that, not me.”

“Amy, you’re right. The onus was on Angela to tell the truth. I found it out by accident but her family still doesn’t know.”

Amy stared at him. “How do you know that her family doesn’t know?”

“I ran into her mother the other day and she had no idea that Angela and I were no longer married.”

Amy groaned. “Oh, no. Angie’s in big trouble now.”

“My advice to you is to let Angie to face the music. Don’t call her to warn her. If you do, you will be an accomplice in her deception. And no one will trust and respect you anymore. Do you want that, Amy?”

Amy’s face grew pale. “No,” she mumbled. “I hated what she was doing but I couldn’t do or say anything. If I had said anything to her family, they probably wouldn’t have believed me and would have told Angie that I was a bad friend and was acting out of envy or something. So, I kept my mouth shut but I kept hoping that she would tell the truth. When she told me that it was over between her and you, I felt sorry for her but I was glad. At least, someone else knew the truth. You’re right, Paul. I don’t want to be a part of her lies any more. I’m not going to tell her that I ran into you today. I wish you all the happiness you deserve and Nita’s a very lucky woman.”

“Thank you, Amy and you’re doing the right thing. If you really want to be a friend to Angela, let her be held accountable for her actions.”

“I’ll do that although it might cost me her friendship. Goodbye, Paul.”

“Goodbye, Amy.”

They parted ways. Paul walked to the parking lot and Amy continued up the street. She took out her cell phone and called Angie. There was no answer so she waited for the voicemail to kick in. “Hello, Angie. I’m calling to let you know that something has come up and I can’t meet you at The Cotton Exchange later. Take care. ‘Bye.”

Source: Trip Advisor

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