Chelsey’s Birthday Celebration

“Does your mother know that you have a tattoo?” Gideon asked Chelsey.

“No. She’ll probably flip out if she does. You’re not going to tell her, are you?”

“No. That’s for you to do.”

“I suppose I will have to tell her sometime.”

“Is that the only one?”



“I guess you don’t approve of tattoos.”

“I don’t.”

“Okay. What about my outfit?”

“It’s different.”

“Mom wanted me to change it but I reminded her that I wasn’t a child.”

“I’ll never get used to the type of fashion young people are into nowadays. Back in my day, a young woman would never have been permitted to buy a top like that let alone wear it in public.”

“Well, we are in the 21st century and things have changed.”

“They certainly have.”

“Well, shall we head on over to Old Street Records now?”


“You know, I can’t get over what a beautiful young woman you’ve become, Chelsey. It’s hard to believe that you’re 19. You look so mature for your age.”

Chelsey blushed. “I’m glad that I look older than I am. I would hate to look like I’m 15 or 16 when I’m supposed to be 19.”

“I suppose you’ll have a lot of young men buzzing around you like bees.”

“They’ve already started but I take no notice of them. Why earlier today when Mom and I were having lunch, the waiter kept staring at me. Mom said that he liked me but I wasn’t interested although he was very good-looking.”

“How come you weren’t interested?”

“He wasn’t my type.”

“Even though he was very good-looking?”


“What was wrong with him?”

“Nothing, I guess. He wasn’t old enough.”

“How old do you think he was?”

“I would say he was probably in his mid-twenties.”

Gideon’s eyebrows. “And you don’t think he’s old enough?”

“I prefer much older men.”

“How much older?”

“Men in their forties and fifties.”

“Are you serious?”

“Yes. I’m not interested in boys my age or men under 40.”

“So, you’re telling me that you would date a man old enough to be your father?”


“I suppose it’s no different from a mature man taking a fancy to a young woman.”

“I suppose not. What about you, Gideon? If you weren’t married, would you date a girl my age?”


“Why not?”

“I wouldn’t feel comfortable. When people see us together, they will assume that we’re father and daughter.”

“Do you care what other people think?”

“Not particularly but the age difference would be a problem for me.”

“You know a lot of girls my age would go for you.”

“I’m flattered but I can’t see myself with a girl young enough to be my daughter.”

They had reached Old Street Records and went inside. They found their table which was in the corner and sat down, taking in the décor. They didn’t order anything. They wanted to wait until the others joined them. “Quirky place, isn’t it?” Chelsey remarked.

“It certainly is.”

“Let’s go and check out the basement before the others come.”

They got up and made their way downstairs to the basement. It wasn’t crowded as yet. There were still a lot of empty tables.

“Is it me, or is it red in here?” Gideon asked looking around.

Chelsey laughed. “It’s red.”

“Hmm. I have a feeling that this is going to be a very interesting night.”

“Me too. See what it says over there? If these walls could talk.”

“I wonder what they would say?”

They went back upstairs to their table. “I like this area better.”

“Me too,” Gideon readily agreed. There was just something about a red room.

“Oh, I was wondering if before summer ended if you and I could go to France.”

“You mean to visit Toulon and Besançon?”

“Yes. I spoke to Mom about it and she told me to ask you.”

“I guess we can go sometime in August. I will see which week I’m available and let you know.”

“Great!” Chelsey smiled, her eyes dancing with excitement. “I can’t wait.”

Just then, the rest of the group joined them. Soon their table was abuzz with lively conversation, drinks and mouth-watering pizza.

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