No Escape?

He stood in the dark bedroom, his mind in turmoil. His father and Sable were back from the dinner party they had gone to. He could hear their voices and footsteps. He wondered if she would go straight to bed or come to his room. A part of him wanted her to go straight to bed and the other part wanted her to come to him. It was true what the Bible said. The spirit was willing but the flesh was weak.

He had to move out and very soon. It was sheer torture being there day after day, night after night, seeing her, wanting her and despising himself for it because of his poor, unsuspecting father. There was no escape from her. Several weeks ago, he had gone to the moors to be alone, to avoid her but she had followed him out there. He should have known that she would. And tried as he did to resist her, he ended up succumbing.

As they lay there naked in the glass, entangled and spent, she had triumphantly declared, “No matter what you do or where you go, you can’t get me out of your system any more than I can get you out of mine. We can’t live without each other, Layne. I’m the only woman for you and you’re the only man for me. We belong to each other and nothing or no one will ever change that.”

Hours later, they left the moors and walked back to the manor. Fortunately, they didn’t encounter anyone. They went upstairs to their respective rooms. As soon as he got to his, he stripped and took a long, hot shower. He wanted to wash away her scent and the scent of sex. He stayed in his room until it was time for dinner. His father and Sable were seated at the dining table. He greeted his father and avoided looking at her. Throughout dinner, he could feel her eyes on him but he kept his eyes averted. His father did most of the talking and didn’t seem to notice anything.

After dinner, he had excused himself and went to his room where he spent the rest of the night. The following morning, when he went down for breakfast only his father was there. “Your step-mother was still sleeping when I came downstairs,” he explained. “I expect she’s tired.”

He hadn’t said anything. What was there to say? His father finished his tea and excused himself. He ate his breakfast, trying hard not to think about what happened between Sable and him the evening before on the moors.

Weeks, then months passed and things were as they had always been. He tried not to think about what they were doing to his father. At the office, he was too busy to think about it but on his way home from the office, his mind reverted back to his illicit affair with his step-mother. Like the apostle Paul, he was wrestling with what he knew he ought to do and what he was powerless to stop doing. Was there no escape for him?

She made it impossible by going to his room after his father went to bed or sometimes while he was downstairs in the library reading or on the laptop. Most of the time, they went to the moors, weather permitting. More and more he entertained the idea of moving out but he hadn’t even begun to search for a place. It seemed like he was dragging his feet. In his mind, he wanted to leave the manor and her but his flesh rebelled.

He stood there at the window, looking out, wishing that he was miles away. The sound of the door quietly opening and closing interrupted his thoughts. He turned around and there she was, a vision of beauty. She went towards him, her hair a mess of unruly curls about her face and long slender neck. The dress she wore flattered her lovely figure. She smiled and walking over to him, she reached up and kissed him on the mouth. “I was hoping that you would still be awake,” she said, running her hands over his bare chest, making him suck in his breath sharply.

“Did you have a good time tonight?” he asked.

“Yes, but I would have had a much better time if you were there. Everyone asked for you.”

“I didn’t feel up to socializing.”

“Annabel was there.”


“Yes, she looked rather pretty in a red cold shoulder dress. She was very disappointed that you weren’t there. I expect that she wanted to impress you.”

“You sound jealous.”

“I am. I’m jealous of any pretty girl or beautiful woman who shows an interest in you.”

“You needn’t worry about her or any other woman. I only have eyes for you.”

She smiled. “Good. And you know that I only have eyes for you. In fact, all night, I couldn’t stop thinking about you and how much I wanted the evening to be over so that I could come home and come to your room.”

She went and sat down at the edge of the bed. He watched as she removed her shoes, raised her dress up, undid each Garterbelt and slowly pulled each sheer, silky stocking. His heart began to beat faster as she stood up and pulled her dress over her head. It fell on the carpet next to the stockings and her shoes. She stood there in her lace bra and matching underwear.

Muttering under his breath, he quickly closed the distance between them. She gasped when he pulled her roughly against him and hungrily devoured her mouth. Moaning against his lips, she reached up and wound her arms around his neck, pressing against him. She could feel how much he wanted her.

Picking her up, he carried her over to the bed where he dumped her unceremoniously. As she lay there, panting, he quickly disposed of his pajama pants and tossed it aside. He reached down and dragged the bra and underwear off. Then, he covered her body with his and again they exchanged hungry kisses. Her fingers clawed at him, driving him wild.

Meanwhile, Mr. Wharton was fast asleep and didn’t stir when hours later, his wife crept into the room. She changed into her nightgown in the bathroom so as not to disturb him. After brushing her hair, she turned off the light and opened the door. She climbed into the bed and lay with her back turned to him. Minutes later she fell asleep.

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