Baptisms & The Ruth Problem

Chioma was relaxing on the sofa. It had been a busy week and she was tired but she was looking forward to the weekend, especially tomorrow which was Saturday. Tomorrow, Dushan and she were going to the Adventist Church Adaeze and Aamin had been attending for a while because they were both going to be baptized. Adaeze had called her on Monday to tell her the news and to invited her and Dushan. “We’ll be there,” Chioma promised.

“Great, we look forward to seeing you.”

“Dushan and I can take you two out for dinner after sundown, that is if you haven’t already made plans.”

“Sure. Dinner would be nice. Thanks.”

“All right. I’ll call you later in the week and you can tell me which restaurant you and Aamin would like to go to and I’ll make the reservations.”

“Sounds good to me. Talk to you soon, big Sis.”

After she ended her call with her sister, Chioma had told Dushan the baptisms as soon as he got home and he was looking forward to going. “I’ve always wanted to see what baptism was all about,” he said.

“I’m happy that you’ll get the opportunity to see two.”

“Were you baptized as a baby?”

“No. I was baptized when I was eighteen.”

“So, babies aren’t baptized?”

“No. According to the Bible, babies are dedicated to the Lord, not baptized.”

“That’s how it is in the Jewish faith. I was dedicated to God when I was a baby.”

“So, was I. Baptism isn’t for babies. Before a person can be baptized, he or she must be taught about God and His Word. The person being baptized must believe what the Bible teaches and that Jesus is the only way of true salvation. And he or she must repent, turn from sins, and experience conversion. A baby isn’t capable of doing any of these things. And we see that Jesus was dedicated not baptized when He was a baby and He was baptized when He was thirty years old. Those who want to be baptized need to fully understand the meaning of what they were doing.”

She spent a while explaining rite of baptism and then opening the Bible, she went over the different baptisms which had taken place. They all had to believe in Jesus before they were baptized in His name. It was then that Dushan expressed the desire to study the Bible with her. “Sure. We can begin with the Gospels,” she said. And, they began reading the Gospel of Matthew.

Her thoughts were interrupted now when Dushan walked into the living-room. “I didn’t hear you come in,” he said.

“That’s because you were fast asleep. How’s your head?”

He ran his fingers through his hair. “Much better. I felt as if I was coming down with something so I took an Advil and then went and lay down. I guess I drifted off. What time is it??”

“It’s after eight.”

“After eight? It’s still so bright outside.”

“Yes, it is.”

“Have you had dinner?”

She shook her head. “No, I was waiting to have it with you. Are you hungry?”

“A bit but you don’t have to get up right now.”

“It’s been such a busy week for both of us that we didn’t get a chance to look at any flats.”

“I know. I’ve been in touch with a real estate agent and I told her which areas we are interested in and she said that she will start sending me emails with listings. Every time she sends me listings, we will set aside time to look at them.”

“You’re really anxious to move from here, aren’t you.”

“Yes, I am. I hate that Ruth has been here in this flat.”

“I know. If you hadn’t been downstairs waiting for the taxi in the lobby, she would have come up here.”

“You’re right. She would have come upstairs and make a fool of herself. I’m sick and tired of having to tell her that I don’t want to see her and that it’s over between us. If she comes here or to my office again, I will file a complaint against her for stalking and harassment which are offences under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997.”

“And you would be perfectly within your right to take whatever action you need to.”

“I can’t tell you how much I regret ever getting involved with her. It’s a mistake which will haunt me for the rest of my life.”

Chioma got up from the sofa and went over to him. She put her arms around him. “We’ve all made mistakes but we can learn and recover from them. Now, let’s have dinner and then, we can relax on the sofa afterwards.”

“All right.” He hugged her tightly and then, released her. She left the living-room to get dinner ready while he buttoned his shirt. He meant what he had said. If Ruth showed her face just once more, he was going to file a complaint and he was sure that she wouldn’t want that.

Sources: Behold the Savior; Amazing Facts

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