Melania Confronts Gina

Melania was on her way back to her office after stepping out to Shoppers when she spotted Gina. Grimacing, she walked over to the other woman. “Well, I hope you’re happy, you miserable excuse for a woman.”

“Happy that you and Matt are no longer together? Of course, I’m happy.”

“You had to go and tell him about Tanner and me, didn’t you? It gave you some sort of sadistic, twisted satisfaction to hurt the father of your child.”

“I’m not the one who hurt him. You are. Throwing yourself at him while he was married to me and then, throwing yourself at Tanner. It seems like one man isn’t enough for you.”

“How could you live with yourself?”

“I can live with myself just fine, thank you. And one of these days, I wouldn’t be living by myself. Maybe, I’ll get married again.”

“And which man is going to marry you?”

“Your ex-boyfriend, and I’m not talking about Matt.”

“You think Tanner is going to marry you?”

“Why not?”

“Tanner will never marry you.”

“You probably thought that he and I would never end up dating but we are. So, never say never because anything is possible, especially when two people are meant for each other.”

“And you think that Tanner and you are meant for each other?”


“Don’t make me laugh.”

“Poor Melania. You had two men in your life and now they’re both gone. One dumped you and the other one has moved on with me. Now, this is what I call poetic justice.”

“Something should be done about women like you.”

Gina’s eyebrows rose. “Women like me?”

“Yes, malicious, cruel, selfish and spiteful. You’re miserable so you want to make other people miserable. It wasn’t enough that you married Matt while you had feelings for his brother or that you rubbed my Aunt Kira’s face in the fact that you were pregnant again when she had trouble getting pregnant but when you had the miscarriage you didn’t tell Matt about it. What was the plan, Gina? Were you going to sleep with him and hope that you got pregnant again so that he wouldn’t know the difference?”

“That’s none of your business, Melania. You’re rehashing all of this because you’re a loser. Matt’s better off without you and so is Tanner.”

“You leave Tanner out of this!”

“Why? He’s the real reason why you hate me, isn’t it? This has nothing to do with Matt. You would have eventually dumped him for your ex-boyfriend. Well, it’s too late for Tanner and you. He’s with me now. And by the way, we’re having dinner tonight at this Spanish restaurant I’ve heard so much about and then, maybe afterwards, we’ll go dancing. I still owe him a dance and then, when he drops me home, I’ll invite him in for a nightcap.” She smiled when she saw the expression on Melania’s face.

Melania fought the urge to punch her in the face. “Stay away from Tanner, Gina,” she muttered between clenched teeth.

“Or what? Why don’t you do yourself a favor and leave Tanner alone? He’s too much of a man for you.” With that, she turned and walked away.

Melania watched her go, shaking with rage. How she longed to go after her and smack her but she stayed put. The last thing she needed was to get in trouble with the law. She never thought it was possible to hate someone as much as she hated Gina.

It killed her that Tanner was going to have dinner with Gina that night and maybe take her dancing afterwards. How could he want to continue seeing that woman? Was he doing it because she was available or was he doing it because she, Melania, had broken up with him again?

Gina glanced over her shoulder as she was walking away. She could tell that Melania hated her but she didn’t care. The feeling was mutual. It felt good to get a rise out of her. She couldn’t hide her jealousy when she told her about her dinner date with Tanner that night. I hope she spends the rest of the afternoon and all night thinking about Tanner and me and wondering if we will end up in bed at the end of our date. Serves her right for crossing me.

6 Replies to “Melania Confronts Gina”

  1. Melania is making this a little too personal. If those two men didn’t exist, these women with similar differences will have had another reason to be at each other’s throats. Gina is who she is. She knows it and she owns it — for better or for worse. That’s a symbolic “devil you know” kind of person. She’s consistent in her unnice way.
    It’s the Melania kind of people, one has to be careful of. Those that are very sweet to you while hiding a dagger behind their back.
    She sweetly drew Matt out and then stabbed him where the wound was still fresh. She’s so sweet that it covers up her own Gina-persona.
    What’s Melania’s deal? She’s not in a position to scold Gina.
    It makes me think Melania wanted to keep both men: one in her life and the other in her memory.
    I find it hard to see the difference between both women.

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    1. Thanks for your comment, Ade. A lot of people will have issues with Melania, for sure. Gina, is as you say, who she is. I think that if Tanner hadn’t come back into Melania’s life, she might have ended up with Matt but in the end, the relationship wouldn’t have worked out. Relationships in which one person is still carrying a torch for another person never survive. Matt is better off alone for the moment.

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      1. Gina should end her relationship with Tanner because he’s still carrying a torch for Melania. Neither she nor Matt should be in a relationship right now. Gina needs to work on herself as does Matt. Melania needs to let go of her resentment for Gina, especially as she ended up doing to Matt what Gina had done to him.

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