Father Kiesler’s Family

“It was such a treat seeing Jürgen, especially since we haven’t seen him since last year April when he visited us for Easter.” Mrs. Kiesler said to her husband as they relaxed in the living-room after dinner.

“Yes, it was.”

“He looked thin, though,” she remarked. “I wonder if he’s working too hard.”

“I thought he looked fine.”

“It was nice seeing the two of you getting along. I guess you’re not upset anymore with him for becoming a priest instead of a lawyer.”

“No, I’m not upset about that anymore. If being a priest makes him happy, that’s all that matters, isn’t it?”

“I could still remember when he told me that he wanted to be a priest. I wasn’t surprised. He was always so pious. I could see how happy he was being an altar server. He was always praying and reading the Bible. He spent more time in church than here. He was such a great admirer of St. Francis of Assisi that I thought he would become a missionary but he chose the priesthood. I was so proud of him.”

“I thought you would have objected because being a priest meant that he wouldn’t get married and have a family.”

“I thought about that but as you just said, his happiness was what really mattered. He wasn’t interested in getting married and having a family. He wanted to serve God. He was following the apostle Paul’s example. So, I gave him my full support.”

“Everyone was shocked.”

“Yes, they couldn’t believe that a handsome young man like him would choose to be a priest.”

“I think Mrs. Bach was very disappointed.”

“And Mrs. Wisenthal. Each of them was hoping that our son would end up marrying her daughter.”

“Liesl Bach was very pretty but I don’t think she would have been a suitable wife for Jürgen.”

“You’re right. Vania Wisenthal would have been far more suitable. She had the brains as well as the looks but Jürgen wasn’t interested in her either. And now, she’s married to a doctor, I believe.”

“Well, all I can say is that it’s a good thing that Jürgen isn’t our only child or you and I wouldn’t be proud grandparents.”

Mrs. Kiesler smiled. “Yes, God has blessed us with two beautiful grandchildren and I think Hans and Gretchen are expecting another.”

Mr. Kiesler’s eyebrows arched. “They are?”

“Yes. Next year January.”

“Something to look forward to in 2023.”

“Yes. And wouldn’t it be wonderful if Jürgen could baptize the baby?”

“Yes, it would be and if his schedule permits, he could even officiate at Katja’s wedding when she and Peder finally set a wedding date.”

“Yes, that would be nice. I’m sure Katja would love to have her brother officiate at her wedding. I’ll mention it to him and she can ask Jürgen herself.”

“You and I haven’t done badly, my Dear. We’ve raised three remarkable children.”

“Yes, we have. God has been very good to us.”

“Yes, He has. He had a plan for each of them.”

“The one for Jürgen turned out to be completely different from the other two.”

“Yes, God works in mysterious ways.”

“I don’t think that there was anything mysterious about God calling our younger son to the priesthood. It’s no different from Him calling Paul to be an apostle.”

“You’re right, my Dear,” Mr. Kiesler said before he kissed her on her forehead.

Her frown disappeared and she smiled. Yes, God always had a very special plan for her favorite child. From the moment he was born and she had held him in her arms, she knew that he was destined to do great things. And what could be greater thing could there be than to called by God to serve Christ and the Church?

Source: Roman Catholic Archdiocese of St. John’s

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