Ruth Visits Dushan

Dushan was in the lobby of his building, waiting for a cab to take him to the synagogue for a Shabbat afternoon programme because Chioma had borrowed his car to drive to an assignment which was in Manchester when Ruth walked in. His heart sank. What did she want? Why couldn’t she leave him alone?

She saw him and walked right up to him. Her eyes traveled over him. He looked as gorgeous as ever. “Hello, Dushan.”

“Hello, Ruth.”

“I heard that you got married.”



“Thank you.”

“Where did you go for your honeymoon?”


“How romantic.” Her words sounded bitter.

“Why are you here, Ruth?”

“I wanted to see you.”


“Why didn’t you ever tell me that you’re Jewish? Did you think it would have made a difference to me?”

“I didn’t tell anyone that I was.”

“Not even Evelyn?”

“Not even her. The first person I told was my wife.”

The words “my wife” cut her to the quick and she flinched. “Where is she? Upstairs in your flat?”

“No. She isn’t in our flat. She’s in Manchester on an assignment. Shouldn’t you be with your family?”

“My husband and daughter are in Bath.”

“Why aren’t you in Bath with them?”

“I didn’t want to go to Bath. I wanted to come and see you, Dushan.”

“Ruth, I don’t want you coming here or to my office. It’s over between us. I’m a happily married man.”

“How could you and she be happy when you’re a Jew and she’s a Christian?”

“We’re not the first interfaith married couple.”

“But you worship on different days.”

“Yes, but we worship the same God.”

“If you had married me instead of her, I would have converted to Judaism just to make you happy.”

“Chioma doesn’t have to convert to Judaism to make me happy. She makes me happy just by being in my life.”

“How does she feel sleeping in the same bed you and I used to have sex in?” she demanded, her eyes flashing with anger and jealousy. The thought of them in the same bed sickened her.

“I got rid of that bed shortly after I met her. Now, if you’ll excuse me I’ve got somewhere to go. I suggest you go home to your family where you belong.” He turned and walked out of the building.

She watched as he got into the taxi and it drove off. Tears sprang to her eyes but she blinked them back. “I’m not through with you, Dushan,” she muttered under her breath. “I’ll never give up on you.”

2 Replies to “Ruth Visits Dushan”

  1. There’s a saying in the Yoruba language, “Don’t sniff what you won’t eat.” Sometimes, those who get obsessed stalkers on their case had no business being with them in the first place.
    You may hit, but you may always be able to run.
    Dushan had better increase security around himself and his wife or move to another continent because Ruth could get dangerous if she feels scorned.
    And she’s feeling that way now.

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    1. Dushan made the mistake of having an 8 year affair with Ruth, when they were both married and after his wife divorced him. Ruth has been married twice and has cheated on both husbands with Dushan. After meeting Chioma, Dushan did what he should have done in the first place–end his affair with Ruth. He and Chioma are going to move but you’re right about Ruth. She could get dangerous.


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