Their Last Day in Seychelles

Chioma grabbed her dress and draped it about her shoulders. She had just been for a swim and was standing in the sand, surrounded by rocks. It was late afternoon and the place was deserted. Dushan was at the hotel making arrangements for their last night in Seychelles and then join her on the beach.

Being here, alone with him, was such a delight. She didn’t want it to end. She didn’t want to return to London although she was looking forward to their life as a married couple.

They had talked about moving to another flat and were considering cities like Camden, North Greenwich, Putney, Marylebone, Mayfair and Clapham. Currently, they were living in Covent Garden. “It would be nice to get a bigger place with a guestroom for when your parents visit,” Dushan had said.

She knew that his other reason for wanting to move out had to do with Ruth. He regretted having her there and hated that she could show up at any time. “Well, if she dares to show her face here again, I’ll take care of her,” she had informed him tersely.

He had grinned. “I believe you would. Underneath that cool veneer is a tigress.”

“I’d love to sink my claws into her.”

“Ouch!” he had laughed.

She made her way now to where he was waiting for her. His eyes traveled over her slowly and appreciatively. She dropped her dress and picked up her towel to dry her skin. “So, what do you have planned for us this evening?” she asked.

“How about a Sunset dinner cruise where we can admire gorgeous sunset views, while enjoying Creole cuisine?”

“Sounds great.”

“So, how was your swim?”

“It was great until I felt something brush against my legs. I was out of there in a flash.”

Dushan began to laugh. “Do you remember what happened when we were at Bateleur Camp?”

“How can I forget?”

“It’s a story we can tell our kids when they’re old enough to hear it.”

“Yes. They’ll get a kick out of hearing how their mother had fallen asleep and felt something on her arm. How she thought it was their father caressing her skin and the big shock she got when she opened her eyes and saw that it wasn’t him but a lizard.” She shuddered at the memory.

Dushan laughed when he saw the expression on her face. “It was a giant plated lizard.”

“I had no idea what kind of lizard it was and I didn’t care to know. I just wanted it off me. I screamed and shook it off. It fell on the bed and I jumped up just as you ran in.”

“You scared the daylights out of me.”

“You ran in and asked me what was wrong. I pointed to the lizard and said, ‘look on the bed.'”

“I picked it up and put it outside.”

“Then, you returned and asked me if I was all right. And I told you that I was because the lizard was gone. And I explained that I was sleeping and felt something on my arm. I thought it was you caressing me.”

“I’m still trying to figure out how you mistook a lizard crawling on your arm for my fingers.”

She stuck her tongue out at him and he laughed.

As she finished drying her skin, she remembered what else had transpired between them. “Was it like this?” he had asked as he began to rub his fingers against her soft, smooth skin.

Her eyes met his which had darkened with desire. “Actually, this feels much better,” she murmured.

“It does?” He lowered his head and kissed her on the shoulder. “What about this?”

“That feels really good,” was the breathless reply. She had drawn back from him and walked over to the bed to lie on her back. He joined her and her arms went around his neck as they kissed passionately.

“I see that you’re remembering what happened after you got rid of the lizard,” he said smiling now. He could tell from the smile on her face and the dreamy expression on her face.


“How about an encore?”

“Here or in our hotel suite?”

“Here, of course.”

“All right. She dropped the towel, walked over to him and got down on the sand. When he rolled onto his back, she stretched out on on top of him. Reaching up, he clutched her head and pulled it down so that he could fasten his mouth to hers.

Sources: Travel Triangle; Expatica; CN Traveler

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