The Politician’s No-Brainer

PHOTO PROMPT © Na’ama Yehuda

Before leaving for a press conference, he met his secretary, Shondra in the garden.

“Thanks for the tulips,” she said.

“You’re welcome.  They’re from Hannah and me.”

“Please thank her for me.”

“I will.  Any plans for tonight?”

“No.  It’s going to be a quiet birthday.”

“Maybe we could celebrate it together.”

“We can’t.  You’re attending the White House state dinner tonight, remember?”

“I meant afterwards.”

“What excuse will you give Hannah this time?”

“I’ll think of something.”

“Think of your marriage, Alden and your career.”

“If I had to choose between my career, Hannah and you, I’d choose you.”

100 Words

This post is for the Friday’s Fictioneers hosted by  Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.  You can find this week’s prompt here. To read other stories or to participate, click here.

34 Replies to “The Politician’s No-Brainer”

    1. Having worked with Alden for several years, Shondra has become like a part of his family and so when his wife, Hannah learned that it was Shondra’s birthday, she wanted to pitch in when he said that he was going to buy the tulips. Hannah has no idea that Shondra is the other woman.

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    1. It is possible that he does love Shondra and would leave Hannah for her if he had to make that choice. You’re right, though, adultery causes so much damage. Poor Hannah, indeed. Thanks, Penny.


  1. Gosh … so many politicians or men in high positions are prone to philandering.
    There are no winners with this type of behavior. If he cheated on his wife, he’ll cheat
    again with another pretty, pretty. It’s all about them regardless of how it affects another.
    Powerful thoughts coming from this story …
    Isadora 😎

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  2. Well, I guess if he’s President, he can always have an emergency that would convince his wife, even after attending a state dinner together. However, I hope that his wife knows and has something in her life that makes her as happy.

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    1. He might be a future presidential candidate if he doesn’t sacrifice his career for love. It would be best for all if he were to be honest with his wife. She suspects that he is having an affair but just doesn’t know who the other woman is–yet.

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      1. I agree with you, Sascha. If only people would apply the rule, do unto others as you would have done to you, things would so different. If people were to put themselves in the other person’s shoes, they wouldn’t do things they do. It’s terrible when a woman has an affair with another woman’s husband. Love is no excuse for hurting others. As I’ve always said, adultery is all about self.


    1. Some men cheat on their wives and then on their mistresses. He believes that he loves this other woman and would leave his wife for her in a heartbeat. The other woman should do the right thing and end the affair. Thanks, Na’ama.

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      1. He believes that he is in the right to betray one woman for another because he feels that at the moment he loves one of them more … So, if he does not have the spine to see his own betrayal, then she should heed the warning that his loyalties are to his own feelings only. Just saying … 😉 Clearly an evocative piece!

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      2. Ah, even more so in the wrong for being her boss and putting her in that position. Says even more about his poor judgment and can-use-improvement moral character … 😉 (what, you noticed that this was activating? 😉 ). Well done, you.

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      3. I would like to think that she had a choice and didn’t have to allow herself to be put in this position. I think they both had poor judgment. He didn’t force her to commit adultery. She could have turned him down and report him if he fired her. Hopefully, she would have gotten herself a good lawyer if it came to that. Thanks, Na’ama.

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      4. It is not a real choice when one is one’s boss, for the power hierarchy makes saying no (and the consequences of it) problematic. Yes, she could have reported him if he fired her. She should never have been put in that position by him in the first place. And I don’t mean the job …

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      5. I know of a woman’s whose boss wanted to have a relationship with her but she refused to comply not only because she was also married but she had her self-respect to think about. In this situation, I don’t see her as the victim, powerless to say no to her boss. She had a choice not to allow herself to be put in that position. Although, he’s her boss, she has the right to stand up to him and say no. She chose to become involved with him because it was what she wanted too.

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      6. Oh, I don’t intend to say that a woman is powerless, only that when it is a boss and employee there is an imbalance of power, which a decent boss would be aware of and not exploit.
        When a person has some power over another, they have the responsibility to not use it, for while some women have the fortitude (and perhaps can afford to, psychologically and otherwise) to stand up to a person in power and say “no”, some are less able to, for all manner of reasons. And while this does not mean they are weak, it does mean that they are in positions where they may not be able to say “no” or where the consequences of the “no” will be steep. While a woman has choices to make, too, it is the responsibility of a boss to not compromise his employees, and to not exploit his position. At least, that’s my view. 🙂

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      7. I agree with you, Na’ama. There is at times an imbalance of power but a decent boss wouldn’t take advantage. It’s upsetting how some people abuse their power and some women are intimidated and are afraid to stand up because of any number of reasons–they need their jobs because they have expenses, rent to pay or are single mothers. It doesn’t mean that they are weak just fearful of what would happen if they say “no”. My heart goes out to them. It is the responsibility of the boss to ensure that all employees feel safe in the workplace and that there is zero tolerance for harassment or other inappropriate behavior. Thanks for your comments 🙂

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