An Evening on the Beach

They were back in Seychelles after spending 3 wonderful nights at Bateleur Camp, a luxurious Kenyan safari camp overlooking vast, game-filled Mara plains. Local Kenyan guides take them out on drives. They flew back to Seychelles that afternoon and now they were spending the evening on the beach.

The sun was going to set soon. Dushan was sitting in the sand, enjoying the sound of the water lapping against the rocks and the breeze on his skin which had dried from his swim. This was paradise. He wished he could remain here forever–just Chioma and he. They would swim a lot, go for long walks on the beach and of course, make love. His eyes darkened at the thought of them making love in the sand.

He watched now as Chioma walked towards him. She had been collecting Cone shells which were reputed to be the most beautiful shells in the world. When she reached him, she showed him them to him. “Aren’t they beautiful?” she exclaimed. “I can make a necklace with them.”

“A necklace?”

“Yes. I have a friend who makes necklaces. When we return to London, I’ll take them to her.”

He looked at them. “They are beautiful and I look forward to seeing you wear them around your lovely neck.”

She smiled as she put them in her bag. “You really have a thing for my neck, don’t you?” she teased.

“Yes, I do. It’s long and graceful. I love kissing every delectable inch of it.”

Chioma saw the way he was looking at her and she asked, “Do you want us to go back to our suite now?”

He shook his head and stood up. “No. Right here is good.”


“Haven’t you ever wondered what it would be like for us to make love on a beach?”

She glanced around. They were alone and where they were, no one could really see them. Besides, the sun was going to set soon. “Yes, I have,” she replied and she took off her swimsuit. It felt strange and exciting standing there naked with the breeze caressing her skin.

Dushan quickly removed his swimming trunks and reaching for her, he pulled her roughly against him as desire raged in him. His fingers gripped her hips as they kissed hungrily. Then, he broke off the kiss to press his lips urgently against her neck, making her catch her breath. His lips left her neck to burn a trail down across her heaving bosom to fasten themselves first to one nipple and then, the other. She clutched his head, moaning softly.

Dushan got down on his knees and clutching her buttocks, his fingers digging into the soft flesh, he buried his face between her legs. Her head fell back on her shoulders as waves of toe curling pleasure surged through her body and her nails dug into his scalp. When she shuddered violently against him, Dushan pulled her down so that she was lying on her back on the beach towel he had spread earlier on the sand. He mounted her and they both grunted when he thrust himself inside her. She gripped his arms and wrapped her legs around him as he surged against her.

Overhead the sun began to slowly descend, its orange glow illuminating their bodies. When it was over, after lying there for several minutes, spent, they got up and ran into the ocean to wash off. Minutes later, they emerged, dried off, got dressed and holding hands, they made their way back to the hotel to get ready for dinner.

Sources: Cerf Island Resort; And Beyond; Guided Safaris

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