Melania Grills Tanner

“How was the dinner party?” Tanner asked Melania. It was Sunday afternoon and they were at her place. On the spur of the moment, she had invited him over for lunch.

“It was nice. The food was great and it was nice seeing people I hadn’t seen in a while.”

“Was there any dancing?”

“No, but there was karaoke. Aunt Kira and I sang Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.’

“Sounds like you had fun. If I had been there, you and I could have sung our favorite song, although we’re no longer together.”

“You mean, Let’s Stay Together?’


“So, how was your dinner date with Gina?”

“It was fine.”

“Where did you take her?”

“To Forty 40 Resto Lounge, an Italian restaurant close to where she lives.”

“Did you take her dancing afterwards?”

“No. After dinner, I took her home.”

“And did she invite you in for a nightcap?”


“If she had, would you have stayed?”


“Do you plan on seeing her again?”


“Did she tell you that we bumped into each other on Tuesday and how she gave me every excruciating detail of the different occasions when you and she saw each other? She told me about the wedding, how you flirted with her, called her ‘my lovely Gina’, pressured her to dance with you, asked her out to dinner numerous times, how you visited her at her house, told her that you weren’t boring in bed and how you kissed her hand.”

“I was wondering how you knew that I called her that.”

“She took great pleasure in telling me that. I wanted to wipe that smug look off her face.”

“You should have seen the dress she wore. It was snug and very short. She has very long legs.”

Melania glowered at him. “Gina doesn’t have very long legs. It probably seemed so because her dress was short and she was wearing high heels.”

“Yes, she was wearing high heeled sandals. They matched her handbag. She wore her hair in a bun which made her look very chic.”

“Did you spend the entire evening admiring her?”

“Lana, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong,” she quickly assured him.

“You seem upset.”

“I’m not upset.” She was beyond upset.

“Let’s not talk about my date with Gina anymore.”

“Your date with Gina. I still can’t believe that you want to date her.”

“She’s available.”

“So are lots of other women.”

You’re not available.”

Her heart skipped a beat when she saw the expression on his face. “Have you ever been to Scarborough Bluffs?” she asked, feigning a calmness she was far from feeling.

He shook his head. “No.”

“Let’s go there for a while and then, we can go for a walk in White Haven Park. It’s too nice an afternoon to be indoors.”

“All right.” He got up from the sofa.

Sources: Spinditty; Trip Advisor

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