Their Wedding Night

Finally, it was their wedding night. The wedding ceremony had been a truly wonderful experience and after they had exchanged their vows and he had stepped on the glass, the congregation erupted in cheers and applause after shouting, “Mazal Tov!”

The reception was very special, with sumptuous food, all kosher, and mocktails. The best part of the evening was the Hora Dance where the newlyweds were lifted into the air while family and friends danced in circles around them. During the hora, Chioma and he each held one end of a handkerchief to signify their union. The Hora Dance at the beginning of the reception as soon as they were introduced to the guests. After dinner, there was more lively dancing which lasted for hours.

The reception ended around midnight and the newlyweds were happy to leave and be alone with each other. The limo dropped them off at the apartment building where Dushan lived. Holding hands, they ran up the steps leading to the front entrance and hurried to the bank of elevators. When they got to his flat and as soon as he unlocked the door and opened it, he swept her off her feet. He carried her over the threshold and after setting her down, he closed the door. Taking her by the hand, he led her to the bedroom.

While he sat on the bed, she excused herself and went into the bathroom. He was nervous as he waited for her. He had waited for this moment for such a very long time. Finally, he was going to get the chance to show Chioma how much he loved and wanted her. All day, he couldn’t keep his eyes off her or stop thanking God for her.

There was a brief moment when he feared that Ruth would show up and ruin things but then, he reminded himself that she had no idea when or where the wedding was going to be held. Everything went smoothly, without a hitch and it was one of the most memorable days in his entire life. His and Evelyn’s wedding paled in comparison to this one. It felt really good to be marrying for love.

He wished his parents could have been a part of the happiest day of his life although he wasn’t sure that they would have approved. He was thankful that his cousin, Havel was there. And it was nice meeting Chioma’s parents who were so warm and friendly towards him. Her mother had hugged him and her father had patted him on the back. They had encouraged him to call them, “Dad” and “Mom.” “You’re family now,” his father-in-law had said. “We didn’t lose a daughter, we’ve gained a son,” his mother-in-law said before she hugged him.

When Chioma had thrown her bouquet, Adaeze caught it. “Looks like there will be another wedding very soon,” Chioma had remarked, laughing. He was inclined to agree with her. It was obvious that Adaeze and Aamin were crazy about each other. And her parents were very fond of him.

The door to the bathroom opened, interrupting his thoughts and he sat up straight, his heart pounding. Chioma walked into the bedroom. His eyes slipped over her figure which was clad in a sheer white Chantilly lace bodice and a soft satin mid-thigh length skirt which exposed her long legs. Desire raged in his eyes as he became aroused.

Chioma stood there for a few minutes, excited and nervous at the same time. She had been dying for this moment. Dushan and she were finally going to make love. She could tell that he liked what he saw and that pleased her. Adaeze had taken her to Victoria’s Secret to pick up some lingerie and it was she who had encouraged her to buy this negligee. “You must look sexy for Dushan on your wedding night.”

She walked over to him now, desire surging through her when she saw the way he was looking at her. When she was standing in front of him, she placed her hands on his shoulders. Their eyes met for several minutes and then, she leaned over and kissed him. Moaning against her lips, he pulled her down onto his lap and hungrily devoured her mouth. She fervently responded.

After a while, he broke off the kiss to press his mouth against her neck. He pulled the strap down one shoulder and kissed her smooth skin. Then, he pulled down the other strap and the negligee until her breasts were exposed. She gasped when he fastened his mouth to one of her nipples. She clutched his head, her own thrown back and her eyes squeezed shut as ripples of mind numbing pleasure swept through her as he suckled her.

Breathing heavily, he raised his head and slipping his hand under her legs, he stood up and carried her over to the head of the bed. After setting her down, he stood back, quickly removed his shoes and socks and got undressed. Chioma watched him and her mouth went dry when he stood there, stark naked and fully erect. He quickly removed the yarmulke from his head and placed it on the bedside table.

Reaching down, he pulled the negligee off and then, her underwear. She lay there naked, her chest rising and falling quickly. “You’re so beautiful, Chioma,” he muttered thickly.

“Thank you,” she replied breathlessly.

“Open your legs.”

When she opened her legs, he climbed into the bed with her and positioned himself between them. Her fingers gripped the sheets as he kissed her all over. She moaned as he teased each nipple with his tongue before taking it inside his mouth. Her stomach lurched when he pressed his lips against it and then, after he nuzzled the hair above her womanhood, she cried out when he flicked his tongue against her until she came, her body racked with convulsions.

He raised his head. It was her first time, so he had to go slow and easy but he was so turned on. Grasping her legs, he wrapped them around him as he entered her. She cried out. When, the pain went away, she arched her hips. Groaning, he began to thrust against her. Her hands gripped his arms and she closed her eyes, moaning softly.

The lovemaking lasted for a while and when it was over, they lay there spent and blissfully satiated. They fell asleep wrapped in each other’s arms with the bedside table lamps still on.

Sources: D Weddings;; Jew in the City

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