Melania’s Visit & Tanner’s Dinner Date

Melania got off at Rosedale and walked to the building where Tanner lived. She tried not to think about why she was here when she should have been at Scarborough Town Center waiting for the train which would take her to Bloor West Village in less than an hour. Kira and Joel had offered to pick her up but she had declined their offer.

After she showered and changed into a black cocktail dress, she put on her coat and left. The sun was still high in the sky. It wouldn’t set for another hour. It was a mild evening so she didn’t mind walking to Scarborough Town Center. She took the Rocket 190 to Sheppard subway station where she took the train to Rosedale subway station.

It was a 9 minute walk to 20 Scrivener Square where Tanner lived. It was a low-rise building with beautiful landscape. She walked to the front entrance and over to the concierge to let the security guard know whom she was there to see. He called Tanner and after he got off the phone, he told Melania, “You may go up.”

Melania thanked him and went up to the penthouse. She rang the bell and the door was opened almost immediately. Tanner stood there in a white shirt, grey pants and a dark grey tie draped about his neck. He looked very pleased to see her. “Hello, Lana. Come in.” He stepped aside for her to go in. While he closed the door, she removed her shoes.

He led her to the living-room which was very elegantly and tastefully decorated. “You’ve got a lovely place here,” Melania said.

“Thank you.”

“It’s a very nice area.”

“Yes. It’s close to parks, 2 subway stations, L.C.B.O. and many upscale shops and restaurants.”

“So, how are things between you and your lovely Gina?” Melania demanded.

“They seem to be going well,” Tanner told her.

“Going somewhere?”

“Yes. I’m taking her to dinner.”

“You’re taking Gina to dinner?”

“Yes. What about you? Are you going somewhere?”

“Yes. I’m going to a dinner party.”

“With Matt?”

“No. He’s won’t be going because he’s got Cam. Aunt Kira and Uncle Joel will be there though. The dinner party is at Marilyn’s and Sean’s house. Marilyn is Matt’s and Joel’s cousin.”

“I guess you’re meeting them there?”

“Yes. I’m going to take a cab over.”

“How did you get here?”

“I took the subway.”

“The subway?”

“Yes. Taking a cab from Scarborough to Rosedale would have been expensive. I’ll take a cab to the dinner party.”

“I could give you a ride. Where is it?”

“I’m sure your date wouldn’t like that.”

“Where’s the dinner party, Lana?”

“Bloor West Village.”

“It will take less than 25 minutes to get there. I’ll give you a ride and then, pick Gina up afterwards.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure.” He finished tying his tie. “Is there going to be dancing at the party?”

“I guess so.”

“I wish I were going.”


“I’d get to dance with you.”

“Maybe you can take Gina dancing after dinner,” she said tightly.

Tanner smiled. If he didn’t know better, he would swear that she was jealous. “That’s a very good suggestion,” he said, watching her closely. “She owes me a second dance.”

“A second dance?”

“Yes. We danced at Natalie’s wedding.”

“Oh.” Why did the thought of him dancing with Gina bother her so much? It shouldn’t. Just like she shouldn’t even be here. She drew the folds of her coat together. “Maybe we should leave now. You don’t want to be late for your date.”

“I’ll go and grab my jacket.”

While he was gone, Melania looked around the unit, admiring the furniture and the artwork. Tanner always did have very good taste. Too bad, she couldn’t say the same about his taste in women. Of all the women in Toronto, why Gina?

Tanner joined her minutes later. He grabbed his keys while she put on her shoes. Minutes later, they were on the elevator down to the underground parking.

He was right. In about 24 minutes they were outside of Marilyn’s and Sean’s house in Bloor West Village. “Thanks, Tanner.”

“You’re welcome.” He got out of the car to open the door for her. “Have fun,” he said as she stepped out.

She looked up at him. “Thanks. ‘Bye.”

He noticed that she didn’t tell him to enjoy his dinner. “‘Bye, Lana.” He waited until she went inside the house before he closed the door and got behind the wheel.

In less than 25 minutes, he pulled up outside of the home in Western Downs, Woodbridge where Matt used to live with Gina and their son, Cameron. Tanner walked up the driveway and rang the bell. Gina answered.

He whistled when he saw her. “That’s some dress,” he remarked. It was almost nude in color, had a mock turtle neck, long sleeves and it was very short, revealing her long slender legs in the high heel sandals. He wondered what Melania would have said if she had seen the way Gina was dressed. Gina had her hair pulled back in a bun, giving her a sophisticated look.

After closing the door, Gina leaned against the wall and her eyes traveled over Tanner. He looked amazing in the light grey suit. “Just so you know, I’m only having dinner with you because I don’t feel like spending another Saturday night at home.”

“I promise you that you’re going to enjoy yourself tonight.”

She looked unconvinced. “I’ll just grab my coat and handbag,” she said. She leaned away from the wall and walked over to the coat closet. She took out a long black coat and pulled it on. Then, she took up her handbag which matched her sandals. “Let’s go.”

After she locked the door, they walked to the car. He opened the door for her which seemed to surprise her. She got in and sat down. Tanner closed the door. After setting her coat so that it covered her legs, she fastened her seatbelt. She glanced at him when he got in the car and started the engine. “Where are you taking me for dinner?” she asked.

Forty 40 Resto Lounge.”

Her eyebrows arched. “I’ve always wanted to go there but Matt didn’t. He said it looked too expensive. I bet if Melania had wanted to go, he would have taken her.”

“The prices are reasonable because of the quality of the food and the excellent service.”

“You’ve dined there before?”


“Not with Melania, I hope.”

“No. With a couple who lives Old Maple.”

In about 6 minutes they were at the restaurant. “We could have walked,” Gina said.

“Would you have wanted to walk in those heels?” he asked as he held the door open for her.

“Probably not.”

He closed the door and smiled as they walked to the entrance.

Sources: Zoocasa; Paradise Developments

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